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Nevit Ergin, "Forbidden Rumi"

Это 23-й, последний том, не вошедший в серию (из 22 метров) "Дивана", переведённую при поддержке Министерства Культуры Турции.

[Part 1] Songs to Shams, Songs to God

He Took Me Under His Arm
Split Wide Open
I Won't Repent His Love
How Can I Fool Him?
Stay With Me
Conversations With God
The Greatness of Absence
How Happy a Time
What a Bird!
Love Letter to Shams
Death is Life for You
More Than These
What Can I Do?
Give Up Yourself
I Keep Smiling
Why Are You Deceiving Me?
He Embraced Me Like His Own Soul
The Placeless Place
Everyone Else Is a Stranger
Beautiful One
The Promise Is Sweet
Still Say Nothing
Flying High On Your Wine
Offer Your Wine
Please Don't Go
It Wasn't Like That
The Road Is Narrow
Don't Go Away
Lifting the Curtain
His Trace
Wherever You Are
Don't Go Anywhere Without Me
Your Blessing Is Unconditional

[Part 2] Songs of Advice, Songs of Admonition

Search There
The Best Nourishment
Divine Road
Choose Love
God's Ocean
Watch How God Opens the Door
The Journey Starts Here
Ascend the Mountain of Love
Don't You Recall?
These Two Worlds
Outside the Sack
A Rascal in the Bazaar
Just Do It
Your Overflowing Secrets
The Drunks of Union
Ahead of the Thought
The Land of Absence
Love Is Its Own Proof
Advice to the Drunk at Heart
Light and Shadow
Words into Dust
Time to Journey
Come as You Are
The Language of the Heart
Free Wine
The Perfect Host
A Helper of Hearts
A Life Without Art
God's Artistry
All That Is Good
Open the Door
Donkey and Ox
The Caravan's Bells
Steal Pearls
This Temporary World
Some Advice
Music at the Tavern of Eternity
The Eggshell of the Body
Open Your Door
Heaven's Door
Submerged in Absence
Life Is Coming to the Rose Garden
The Path in the Heart
The Rose's Plea
Why Are You So Reasonable?
You Are in His Hand
Cries of Confirmation
Words of the Secrets
Hidden from the Eyes
You Snatched My Heart
The Moon's Slave
Cut It Short

Part 3 Songs of Heresy

You Can't Get Away
I Came Back to You
Everyone Is Welcome to this School
A Stranger to Myself
I Am the One!
Wake Up from Your Sleep
He Is Beyond Praise

Translator's Afterword


Some quotations (english) - http://hojja-nusreddin.livejournal.com/2949521.html
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