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Lynne Long, "Translation and Religion: Holy Untranslatable?"

Scholars of:
- Arabic and the Quran, modern and medieval Christianity, the Bible, Buddhism, Judaism, and Hinduism and Jainism
- draw from their own experience to provide insight into the complexities of translating holy texts
1. set out broad issues &
2. contextual framework for recurring themes,
3. present case studies, such as:
- the history of the translation of the Hebrew word 'ish in Genesis
- oral literature and the Sufis of Aurangabad
- cultural aspects in Quran translation
- the language of Soka Gakkai in Italy

Publisher: Multilingual Matters Limited, 2005, ISBN-10: 185359816X, Paperback, 209 p
Distributed in the US by UTP Distribution

Bonus: Bambi B. Schieffelin, Department of Anthropology, NY University - "Found in translating: Reflexive language across time and texts"

Tags: непереводимость, перевод, религия

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