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Вниманию наци: Геринг - тожэ с прожыдью, как и Гитлер

Family background and relatives

- Göring was born at the sanatorium Marienbad in Rosenheim, Bavaria
- His father Heinrich Ernst Göring (1839 – 1913), had been the 1-st Governor-General of the German protectorate of South West Africa (modern day Namibia)
- as well as being a former cavalry officer and member of the German consular service
- Göring had among his patrilineal ancestors Eberle/Eberlin, a Swiss-German family of high bourgeoisie
- They were originally Jewish financiers
, who converted to Christianity in the 15-th century and
- had numerous progeny in German speaking countries

Göring was a relative of such Eberle/Eberlin descendants as
- the German aviation pioneer Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin;
- German romantic nationalist Hermann Grimm (1828-1901), an author of the concept of the German hero
--- as a mover of history, whom the Nazis claimed as one of their ideological forerunners;
- the industrialist family Merck, the owners of the pharmaceutical giant Merck;
- one of the world major Catholic writers and poets of the 20-th century German Baroness Gertrud von LeFort,
--- whose works were largely inspired by her revulsion against Nazism;
- Swiss diplomat, historian and President of International Red Cross, Carl J. Burckhardt

In an ironic historical coincidence, among Göring's relatives throughout Eberle/Eberlin line was

- a great Swiss scholar of art and culture, and a major political and social thinker Jacob Burckhardt (1818-1897)
- an opponent of nationalism and militarism, who rejected German claims of cultural and intellectual superiority
- and predicted a cataclysmic 20-th century, in which violent demagogues, whom he called "terrible simplifiers,
- would play central roles</b>.

Göring's mother - Franziska "Fanny" Tiefenbrunn (1859 - 1923) came from a Bavarian peasant family

- The marriage of a gentleman to a woman from lower class (1885) occurred only because Heinrich Ernst Göring was a widower
- Göring was 1 of 5 children;
- his brothers were Albert Göring and Karl Ernst Göring, and his sisters were Olga Therese Sophia and Paula Elisabeth Rosa Göring,
- the last of whom were from his father's first marriage
- While anti-Semitism became rampant in Germany of that time, his parents were not anti-Semitic.

Early life - Ritter von Epenstein

- Goering later claimed his given name was chosen to honour the Arminius, who defeated the legions of Rome at Teutoburg Forest.
- However the name was far more likely chosen to honour his godfather, a Christian of Jewish descent born Hermann Epenstein.
- Epenstein, whose father was an army surgeon in Berlin,
- became a very wealthy physician and businessman and a major, if not the paternal influence on Göring's childhood
- Much of Hermann's very early childhood, including a lengthy separation from his parents
- when his father took diplomatic posts in Africa and in Haiti (climates ruled too brutal for a young European child),
- was spent with governesses and with distant relatives
- However, upon Heinrich Göring's retirement ca. 1898 his large family, supported solely on Heinrich's modest civil service pension
- became for financially practical reasons the houseguests of their longtime friend and Göring's probable namesake
- a man whose minor title (acquired through service and donation to the Crown) made him now known as Hermann, Ritter von Epenstein.

As with many social climbers and nouveau riche businessmen of the time, Ritter von Epenstein sought the trappings of German aristocracy as well as the titles

- He acquired these in part through the purchase of two largely dilapidated castles
- Burg Veldenstein in Bavaria and Schloss Mauterndorf near Salzburg, Austria
- whose very expensive restorations were ongoing by the time of Hermann Göring's birth
- Both castles were to be residences to the Göring family, their official "caretakers" until 1913

Both castles were to be tremendous influences on Göring's childhood

- his fascination with the military and romanticised notions of history
- both castles were also ultimately to be his property
- in 1914 he tried to commit suicide, however, he was found by his mother, Joseph Goring and was sent to hospital
- he survived after cutting his wrist and was soon sent back home
- in 1915 he joined the army and fought in the battle of Somme.

According to respected biographers of both Hermann Goering and his younger brother Albert Goering

- soon after the family took residence in his castles,
- von Epenstein began an adulterous relationship with Frau Göring
- that may in fact have resulted in Albert's birth.
- Albert's physical resemblance to von Epenstein was noted even during his childhood and
- is even evident to the casual observer in photographs
- Whatever the nature of von Epenstein's relationship with his mother...

The young Hermann Goering enjoyed a particularly close relationship with his godfather

- Göring was unaware of von Epenstein's Jewish ancestry and birth
- until as a child at a prestigious Austrian boarding school, where his tuition was paid by von Epenstein
- he wrote an essay in praise of his godfather and
- was mocked by the school's anti-Semitic headmaster for professing such admiration for a Jew
- Göring initially denied the allegation, but
- when confronted with proof in the "Semi-Gotha", a book of German heraldry
- Ritter von Epenstein had purchased his minor title and castles with wealth garnered from speculation and trade and
- was thus included in a less than complimentary reference work on German speaking nobility
- Göring to his youthful credit remained steadfast in his devotion to his family's friend and patron
- so adamantly that he was expelled from the school
- The action seems to have tightened the already considerable bond between godfather and godson

Relations between the Goering family and von Epenstein became far more formal during Goering's adolescence

- causing Mosley and other biographers to speculate, that perhaps the theorised affair ended naturally or
- that the elderly Heinrich discovered he was a cuckold and threatened its exposure
- By the time of Heinrich Göring's death, the family no longer lived in a residence, supplied by or seemed to have much contact at all with von Epenstein
- though the family's comfortable circumstances indicate the Ritter may have given them some financial support
- Late in his life Ritter von Epenstein wed a singer, Lily, who was half his age
- bequeathing her his estate in his will, but requesting that she in turn
- bequeath the castles at Mauterndorf and Veldenstein to his godson Hermann upon her own death


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