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Zarah Leander, "Die Rose von Novgorod" (Theme "War and Peace"), 1959

This is a great song, composed by Nino Rota... It tells the story of a girl from Nowgorod. When war reaches Nowgorod she has to say goodbye to her loved one and she never sees him again... It is a very dramatic composition with a beautiful rhythm...

According to Jutta Jacobi, who published an excellent biography of Zarah Leander in 2006, this song was a big succes in the Sowjetunion....

For the last few years there has been a lot of speculation about Zarah Leander being a spy for Russia. According to Russian journalist Arkadij Waksberg she operated under the name Rosemarie. He also cites the succes of "Rose von Nowgorod" and thinks the song may contain a hidden message...

However, proof that Zarah Leander and Rosemarie were the same person was never found. Nevertheless historian Anthony Beevor made the same claim in his book on Olga Tschechowa.

These rumours were nothing new for they had already started in 1941 when English newspapers reported that Zarah Leander had been shot for spying. She was also under observation by the Swedish SÄPO. Curiously they received a message from the Swedish communist party SKP claiming : "Zarah Leander is a true democrat and not tainted by brown(=nazi) paint"

In 1947 the French magazine France-Dimanche called her the greatest female spy (for the Sowjetunion) ever
. However this was a time when many outrageous claims were made, not only against our diva (In Belgium it was claimed Marika Rökk had lost a leg in air raid and danced with a wooden leg). Zarah Leander was NOT happy about these rumours, fearing they might torpedo her comeback and always denied being a spy for either Sweden, Germany or the Sowjetunion...

In 1988 a Swedish diplomat, Gunnar Häglöff, claimed Zarah Leander worked for the Swedish secret service and assisted the spy Eric Erickson. Once again there was no proof for this theory...

Most historians do not believe Zarah Leander ever was a spy... She herself once said : "I would not be surprised if they claimed I were spying in Iceland on behalf of the Vatican".

Pictures from personal collection, showing the older Zarah and a slideshow of pictures from the movie "Es war eine rauschende Ballnacht" which was set in Russia.
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