June 29th, 2009



Неизвестный Художник, Персия, Напрасные Мольбы, 1590
Ласкала красавица ночью раба,

Ночь длиться молил он, но тщетна мольба!

Ночь таяла, хоть продолжал он молиться ...

Виновна ли ночь иль молитва слаба?

Рубайат # 0948
Возможно апокриф: не найден ни в ранних аутентичных манускриптах Руми, ни у других авторов.
Иван Дурак

Квантовые явления в юриспруденции :)

And "justice" is served. "The jury just felt unable to really know what happened out there" ... just like "quantum physics".

"Jury acquits in quantum physics assault"

A homeless man was acquitted of charges that he smacked a fellow transient in the face with a skateboard as the victim was engaged in a conversation about quantum physics in South San Francisco, authorities said Friday.

Jason Everett Keller, 40, was found not guilty Thursday of attacking another homeless man, Stephan Fava, on the 200 block of Grand Avenue about 1:45 p.m. March 30. A San Mateo County jury deliberated for less than a day after a four-day trial in Redwood City before Superior Court Judge Clifford Cretan.

Shortly before the incident, Fava was chatting with an acquaintance, who is also homeless, about "quantum physics and the splitting of atoms," according to prosecutors.
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