September 2nd, 2009


Руми, РУБАЙ # 1172

Вышиб тяжкие думы любви Твоей шквал,

Слава Богу, свободней и легче я стал!

Будь петля суждена мне, подобно Мансуру*,

Каждый миг получал от него б я сигнал.

* Мансур – Мансур Халладж (858 - 922 РХ), знаменитый суфийский мученик, повешен. – Прим. перев. на русск. яз.

Рубайат # 1172
Иван Дурак

How to deal with friendly american lawyers :)


Based on the facts, points and authorities set forth herein, I'm not convinced that this case is worth pursuing for the benefits of the family of late NN, nor I'm persuaded by your explanations, which in many parts is neither supported by the credible authority, nor legally correct. Most importantly, your representation may harm your client who is a recipients of the SSI. Thus, until I'm fully convinced that this case is worth pursuing, albeit for the sole benefit of you - the lawyers, I'm not going forward with it.
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