December 28th, 2009

Иван Дурак

Архив электронного журнала «Суфий»

Этот ресурс создан для хранения материалов, опубликованных в электронном журнале «СУФИЙ» в течение 1999-2005 гг. Помимо классических суфийских текстов и поэзии, в журнале «Суфий» публиковались материалы о других мистических традициях. Архив может быть полезен всем, кто интересуется духовными традициями Востока или занимается их изучением.

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Иван Дурак

Katherine Schimmel Baki, "Waiting for Qutmir"

The Cave of the Seven Sleepers, Ephesus, Turkey
I can still see her with her eyes closed, hands clasped in front of a frail, slim frame. She is clutching a small, delicate purse and wearing a lovely necklace, no doubt picked up from one of her many travels to the Near East. Her soft, German-tinged voice fills the room with promise and the knowledge gleaned from a lifetime of learning. Eager, but respectful students sit on the edge of their wooden chairs. She has no notes because she never needs them.

Dr. Schimmel's lecture in this edition of Wild River Review is a continuation of the previous one, "Golden Lions and the Thicket of this World" in which she speaks about the role of animals in both Islamic and Sufi literature and thought. We left off with the cat and now begin with the role of the dog, wending our way through the camel, donkey, bird and others.
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