January 16th, 2010


David & Sabrineh Fideler, Love's Alchemy

What if the world were just the veil on God's face?

For a Sufi, or a fan of Sufi's mystical poetry, that's the sort of question that gets pondered, along with questions about dying to self and the transforming power of love.

But in the Fideler household in Saranac, those questions are set to music and sometimes read in the original Persian. Sufi writings, a form of Muslim mysticism, reached a high point in about the 13th century. In the United States today, one of the most widely read poets is Rumi, a Sufi writer who lived in that century.

While David Fideler plays an Iranian setar, his wife, Sabrineh, reads a Rumi poem in the original words. David Fideler follows with an English translation:
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