March 14th, 2010

Иван Дурак


A Do-it-Yourself Guide to Saving Time, Saving Money, and Avoiding Lawsuits

You’ll soon be able to handle many of the legal issues that may arise with the help of Bob Bauman’s latest book.

Granted, you may run into some complicated legal situations during your lifetime that will require the expertise of a professional. But even then, this book gives you the information needed to realistically assess your situation and, if needed, understand the recommendations and actions of your attorney.
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Руми, РУБАЙ # 1571

Что пахнет, как Небытиё, и кажется Небытиём –

Является Небытиём, клянусь, мой друг, Аллахом в том!

Ещё клянусь, хоть небеса и обитатели небес

И повидали чудеса – неистощим поток чудес!

Рубайат # 1571