November 24th, 2010

Иван Дурак

7 Rules to bring wealth back to the middle class (email)

1. Corporate income tax rate = market share. Thus when giant corporations like Wal-mart control 65% of the market share their income tax would be 65%. Mom and pops control no market share their income rate would be 0. Wal-marts will evaporate.

2. The transmission of money from a citizen to the government is banned by law! The government is simply allowed to print a fix % (around 15) of the GDP of the nation as money to pay for all its needs. Case closed. No more income tax - none zilch never, not at any level no property tax, no parking meters, nothing. Inflation is healthy, but locked.

3. Vote Cards. Any and all issues are done by vote cards with 4 digit pin codes just like your bank card. However what is different is the vote card would have a serial number that only the voter knows.. When the vote is done the user can go online check their vote and then confirm it was counted and in the manner they asked for (by the serial number). However the Senate and the House can only carry the weight of the vote of the public that did not vote. Thus take abortion if 85% of the public cares and goes out to vote, then the Senate can only carry 15% of the weight of the vote. Truly balanced system. Anyone can bring *anything* to the vote minus rules 1 and 2 and 3 which are formated to be part of the New Constitution. Thus local issues would be voted on by a local vote, state issues would be a atate vote, and so forth...

4. All the basic essential services are publicly provided: police, fire, health care, food, water, electricity, gas, phone, internet, education - are simply public services. The rest is free market. Governments can enact standards, but those standard are voluntary. Thus if someone wants to grow fruit outside of the realm of government control, they can do so - however they will simply lack the government 'approval stamp' and the buyer is fully educated in the media to use their own discretion - thus most producers would become self-regulating to remain competitive.

5. By law no one can own more than 3 limited companies (preventing circumnavigation around the law). However the government do not require the taxation anyways as they have the ability to print money, however it keeps the corporations small (which is the only way to keep the public in wealth and not stripped of it by mega-corporations gobbling up the environment).

6. Personal debt is capped at 40% of yearly income - period! All extra debt is 100% taxed, and that tax is forced saving. Thus nobody buying a $500,000 house on their $25,000 income. That garbage has to go. Thus the banks only make money on DEPOSITS not on loans. That makes people become savings rich, and debt free. Housing tumbles in price because relative to income it should! The money supply is banned from being imprudently expanded and contracted by some privately owned 'federal reserve'. People live freely at a high standard of living.

7. Government patents are banned, and anything they publish is freely available. University and College is free payed for by corporate income taxes. Corporate income taxes go direct to the public welfare, public pensions, etc etc. Don't want to pay a lot of taxes STAY SMALL
Иван Дурак

Некрологи востоковеда Валентина А. Жуковского

1. ЖУКОВСКИЙ ВАЛЕНТИН АЛЕКСЕЕВИЧ (23.04.1858 - 04.01.1918). Русский иранист. Член-корреспондент Петербургской академии наук (1899). Профессор Петроградского университета.
В 1919 и 1923 вдова ученого продала университету ок. 200 назв. книг из его библиотеки.


2. ЖУКОВСКИЙ ВАЛЕНТИН АЛЕКСАНДРОВИЧ - ориенталист. Родился в 1858 г.; окончил курс на факультете восточных языков Петербургского университета; получил степень магистра...
Состоит профессором по кафедре персидской словесности на восточном факультете Петербургского университета и начальником ученого отделения восточных языков при министерстве иностранных дел...