September 22nd, 2011

Иван Дурак

why Italians pass their handguns down through the family?

An old Mafia don lies sick on his death bed, his family gathered around.
The old man lifts his head, and turns to his 12-year-old grandson:
“Vinny, mya boy, I’m a die. I givva you mya pearl-handled .38 revolver.”

Vinny, never shy, says, “Thank you, grandfather — but I’d rather have your Rolex watch.”

The old man lies quiet for a moment.
“Vinny, youa good-a-lookina boy.”
“Somma day you grow up, havva lotta money, marry you-a beautiful-a girl.”
“You havva lotta beautiful-a bambinos like-a me.”
“You-a big-a man in-a Organization, you know?”
‘Then one-a day you comma home, you finda you wife, she a sleepin’ in you bed with another-a man.”
“So what-a you-a gonna do?”
“Looka ata you watch and say, ‘Time’s a up???”

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Иван Дурак

Польско-савецкая граница, 1941 г.

погранпереход, вдохновивший Маяковского на знаменитые строки:
"Я достаю из широких штанин дубликатом бесценного груза.
Читайте, завидуйте, я - гражданин Советского Союза"
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