September 24th, 2011

Иван Дурак

Definitions of Shams in dictionaries

1. noun - Something that is a counterfeit
noun - A person who makes deceitful pretenses
verb - Make a pretence of
verb - Make believe with the intent to deceive

2. v - To assume or display a false appearance of

Matching Quote

"There is nothing of permanent value (putting aside a few human affections) nothing that satisfies quiet reflection —
except the sense of having worked according to one's capacity and
light to make things clear and get rid of cant and shams of all sorts."

-Thomas Henry Huxley

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Иван Дурак

Thee Shams

Thee Shams - merge rock, blues, and Iggy Pop's lust for life.
Thee Shams, hailing from the Ohio Valley, have successfully captured the `sound' of Sixties garage rock bands like,the Mysterians (who performed 96 Tears). This album lives in a sonic cross between the Rolling Stones and the New York Dolls; or between Aerosmith and another fabulous Fat Possum label band The Black Keys. It's all that and a whole lot more.

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