October 27th, 2011

Иван Дурак

Руми: 7 газелeй из "Дивана", упоминающих о Рамадане (в английских переводах)


Ramadan came, but Bairam is with us.
The lock came, but the key is with us.

Mouth is closed. Eyes are opened.
That brilliance that the eyes see is with us.

We have cleaned soul and heart with fasting.
The dirt which has been with us is cleansed now.

Some stress comes from fasting,
But the invisible treasure of heart is with us.

Ramadan came to the heart's temple;
The one who created heart is with us.

Since Salahuddin* is among this crowd,
Mansur and Beyazid** are with us.
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Иван Дурак

Заброшенные дома Детройта

Originally posted by re_wall at Заброшенные дома Детройта

Согласно статистическим данным, население Детройта уменьшилось за последние пятьдесят лет почти вдвое. Если в середине прошлого века здесь проживало без малого два миллиона жителей, то в прошлом году – немногим более 700 тысяч.

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