May 18th, 2012

Иван Дурак

50% of American college students believe in the eye light emission theory

Winer GA, Cottrell JE, Gregg V, Fournier JS, Bica LA., "Fundamentally misunderstanding visual perception. Adults' belief in visual emissions"


The authors reviewed research about a profound misconception that is present among college students (50%), namely, the belief that the process of vision includes emanations from the eyes, an idea that is consistent with the extramission theory of perception, which was originally professed by early Greek philosophers and which persisted in scholarly circles for centuries. The authors document the strength and breadth of this phenomenon and the object failure of traditional educational techniques to overcome this belief, and they reveal that students are leaving psychology courses with a flawed understanding of one of the most studied processes in the history of psychology -- visual perception. Some suggestions are offered for overcoming this misconception in traditional college classroom settings.

Бонус: Emission theory (vision)
Иван Дурак

Позор буддолухии и питерской шудре Проебоку! (вот он - лутшый из буддолухов)

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