July 21st, 2012

Иван Дурак

Райское (из мыла :)

После смерти мужа жена обращается к медиуму, чтобы пообщаться с духом покойника.
И дух откликнулся на зов.
- Как дела, Крис? Где ты? Что делаешь?
- Я в прекрасном месте. Целыми днями гуляю среди зелени в садах.
Утром просыпаюсь, занимаюсь сексом; завтракаю, занимаюсь сексом; гуляю, занимаюсь сексом; обедаю, занимаюсь сексом!
- О, я так рада за тебя, Крис! Но я никогда не думала, что в раю так часто занимаются сексом...
- В каком еще раю, дура? Я — кролик в штате Кентакки!
Bonus: рай в Таиланде Collapse )
Иван Дурак

Вам, политолухи: Forecasting World Events - Call for Participants

Are you interested in global security and politics, business and economics, public health, science and technology, or social and cultural change?
If so, we invite you to participate in a unique research study sponsored by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA).
Иван Дурак

Happy vs. Unhappy Muslims (из мыла :)

I have to admit, this is brilliant. I've never heard it put this way. It's plain and simple.

Many Muslims today are not happy...

They're not happy in Gaza
They're not happy in Egypt
They're not happy in Libya
They're not happy in Morocco
They're not happy in Iran
They're not happy in Iraq
They're not happy in Yemen
They're not happy in Afghanistan
They're not happy in Pakistan
They're not happy in Syria
They're not happy in Lebanon

So, where are they happy?Collapse )
Иван Дурак

RAPHAEL JOHNSON, PH.D., "The Judeo-Russian Mafia" (From the Gulag to Brooklyn to World Dominion)

the Jewish mafia from Russia (a “Kosher Nostra”)

- a far more powerful & sinister force than Sicilian Mafia (the “Cosa Nostra”)
- has controlled most of the globe’s organized crime
- for at least 2 decades

There is not even a desk at the FBI for the Jewish organised crimes
- while the FBI & major media obsess about the Sicilian Mafia
- which dwarf those of the Italian gangsters in scope, violence and depth