September 13th, 2012

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сеногогальное :)

1. Ein-Gedi Synagoge in Israel

The first Jewish settlement in Ein-Gedi began in the 7-th century B.C. and lasted until some time after the destruction of the First Temple by Nebuchadrezzar of Babylonia in 586 B.C.
The colony was reestablished in the 5-th century BCE and again during the Second Temple period in the second century B.C. This period of Jewish habitation lasted intermittently for 700 years, until the end of the Byzantine empire around 550 AD, when the settlement was destroyed by fire and abandoned. Ein Gedi was developed extensively during this time and the remains of agricultural terraces, cisterns and aqueducts can still be seen.

The ruins of an ornate synagogue dating from the Byzantine era and mosaics with Hebrew and Aramaic inscriptions have been extensively restored.
2. Maoz-Haim Synagoge in Israel

The secrets of an ancient synagogue, dating from around the 3rd to 6th century CE, were discovered completely by accident near Kibbutz Maoz Haim. In 1974, during construction work on an army post west of the kibbutz, Avshalom Yaakovi, a founder of the kibbutz and specialist on the Land of Israel, discerned a mosaic floor, partly buried under the dirt, depicting what looked to him like a menora (traditional Jewish candelabra).
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Detropia: Detroit's decline shown in new documentary

In the 1930s, Detroit was America's fastest-growing city - but in recent times it has become one of the country's fastest-shrinking.

Now Detropia - a new documentary - surveys Detroit's declined state. It paints a painful picture of a city that, despite some limited economic recovery, remains a shadow of its former self.

Talking Movies' Tom Brook reports.

Talking Movies is broadcast on BBC World News on Saturday at 1330 GMT and Sunday at 0030, 0730 and 2030 GMT.
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ещё пусирайства (в ответ на происки :)

хорошо быть пуською
хорошо собакою
коль на храм науськают
в алтаре покакаю

заховала курочку
в половую щёлочку
кто осудит дурочку
с молодёжной чёлочкой?

выжрала бутылочку
поеблась в лектории
порно-штуцер милочка
разрулит истории...
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War of 1812