October 5th, 2012

Иван Дурак

История повторяется: "Америка в лапах евреев и политиканов", карикатура 1896 года

"This is the US in the Hands of the Jews"
(anti-Semitic political cartoon, USA, 1896)
- it portrays Uncle Sam being crucified, like Jesus
- on the cross, labeled "Congress" & "Senate"

2 figures in hats, having caricatured Jewish features

- are labeled "Wall Street Pirates":
- one pokes Uncle Sam with a spear, labeled "Single Gold Standard"
- another one raises a poisoned sponge to Unkle Sam's lips
- the tub of poison is labeled "Debt"
- the poisoned sponge labeled "Interest on Bonds", and

2 figures without hats, which are picking Uncle Sam's pockets

- are labeled:
--- "Republicanism" (Caricature of James Blaine) and
--- "Democracy" (Caricature of Grover Cleveland)

From an issue of "Sound Money" magazine: dated: April 15, 1896.
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