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Князь Одоевский - родоначальник блоггинга :)

Recently, Odoevsky has been credited to have predicted blogging, and the basic principles of the Internet.
In his unfinished utopian novel "Year 4338" (fragments published 1835 and 1840; the whole manuscript 1926), he mused:
"Finally, today we received a household journal from the prime minister, where we, among others, were invited to a soiree. You need to know that in many houses, especially those well connected, such journals are published, having replaced regular correspondence. <...>

The journals usually provide information about the hosts’ good or bad health, family news, various thoughts and comments, small inventions, as well as invitations; in case of a dinner invitation, also the menu. Besides, for communicating in emergency, friends' houses are connected by means of magnetic telegraphs that allow people who live far from each other to talk to each other."

а русская вика, кака бычна - молчокЪ :)
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Tags: блог, изобретение, интернет, история, предсказанье, россия, технология

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Posts from This Journal “предсказанье” Tag