November 3rd, 2013

Иван Дурак

Ender's Game (film)


Orson Scott Card's criticism of homosexuality and same-sex marriage prompted the organization GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) to issue a critical statement questioning the morality of indirectly supporting Card's anti-LBGT activities.[41]
In July 2013, the group Geeks Out launched a website campaign to boycott the film.[42][43]
Mark Umbach, a public relations expert not associated with the film, commented: "there is a huge LGBT audience for science fiction, and it's going to be hard for those fans to separate Card’s comments from his work."[41]
Andy Lewis and Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter wrote: "The new scrutiny of Card’s views could be a problem for the $110 million 'Ender’s Game' movie".[44][45]
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