December 17th, 2013

Иван Дурак

What does the "InterWorld" look like?


Pill bottles that "call" doctors to say that they haven't been opened that morning -- letting you know right away that an elderly loved one has forgotten to take their medicine.

Clothing that "senses" changes in your body, so that you can spot potential problems -- and get to a doctor -- at the very earliest stages.


Offices that "monitor" when the last employee has left the building, and manage power usage (and time sheets!) accordingly.

Factories that "know" when a product is being manufactured improperly, and shut down production immediately to avoid further capital losses.

Vending machines that "track" which items are most in-demand, and "call" their suppliers before those items run out.

Public Safety

Roads that "warn" commuters about icy conditions by automatically sending out alerts to all cars in a five-mile radius.

Bridges that "measure" how worn out their suspension cables are, so that engineers can start maintenance well in advance of any real accidents.


Milk cartons that "read" that terrorists get caught when they go to the convenience store.

Door knobs that "report" when a stranger has been fiddling with them, making it easier to prevent robberies before they happen.
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