April 26th, 2014

Иван Дурак

Dr. David Eifrig, "Doctor’s Protocol & Field Manual" (preparedness manual)

Иван Дурак

Gary North, "Will Facebook Bring Down the Government?"

I am going to ask a rhetorical question. When was the last time you saw a positive political cartoon for Obama?

It is not just Obama's problem. How many positive cartoons did you see for George W. Bush after 2003?

For that matter, how many positive cartoons did you see for Bill Clinton? How many political cartoonists came to Clinton's defense during the Lewinsky scandal?

There is a pattern here. The pattern is this: with respect to the public media, criticism of the President is far more likely than support, article by article, cartoon by cartoon. The editorial pages of the mainstream newspapers may come to the defense of a President, but if you read the articles, what sells is negativity.

Politicians face this reality in the national media: "If it bleeds, it leads." Bad news usually gets priority over good news. The only systematic exception was the website, HappyNews.com. A friend of mine created that website years ago, but he never found a way to make any money with it. The last posting was on October 15, 2013. Happy news has ended.
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