May 13th, 2014

Иван Дурак

Максим Кравчинский, "Ах, какая драма..."

По законам киносценария, если фильм про положительных героев, то на их фоне должен быть отрицательный персонаж. Так было и с художественным фильмом "Страницы былого" в СССР, в 1957 году. Хорошие рабочие борются с плохими буржуями на фоне криминального типажа. Чтобы подчеркнуть глубину нравственного падения антигероя Яшки, ему надо было спеть блатную песню, которую и заказали поэту Владимиру Карпеко.
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Иван Дурак

Wolf Richter, "How Draghi’s ZIRP Is Driving German Savers Into Putin’s Noose"

Smart Russians are voting with their bank accounts, dumping rubles, and buying dollars and euros
Total demand rose to $14.9 billion in March, 1.5 times larger than in February.
The highest since January 2009 during the chaos of the financial crisis.
“Amid the continued weakening of the ruble against major world currencies and the uncertainty of expecting further declines, the aggregate demand for foreign currency has increased dramatically,”
is how the Central Bank explained the phenomenon in a statement, as Reuters reported (
And they yanked a record $6.9 billion, roughly half in euros and half in dollars, out of their banks.
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Иван Дурак

The Farce Is Complete: Joe Biden's Son Joins Board Of Largest Ukraine Gas Producer

R. Hunter Biden will be in charge of the Holdings’ legal unit and will provide support for the Company among international organizations. On his new appointment, he commented:
“Burisma’s track record of innovations and industry leadership in the field of natural gas means that it can be a strong driver of a strong economy in Ukraine. As a new member of the Board, I believe that my assistance in consulting the Company on matters of transparency, corporate governance and responsibility, international expansion and other priorities will contribute to the economy and benefit the people of Ukraine.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Burisma Holdings, Mr. Alan Apter, noted:
“The company’s strategy is aimed at the strongest concentration of professional staff and the introduction of best corporate practices, and we’re delighted that Mr. Biden is joining us to help us achieve these goals.”
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Иван Дурак

6 conundrums + 3 ironies

6 Conundrums of socialism in the US:
1. America is capitalist and greedy, yet half of the population is subsidized.
2. Being subsidized, yet they think they are victims.
3. Thinking they are victims, yet they elect representatives, who are running the government.
4. Running the government, yet they keep getting poorer.
5. Getting poorer, yet they have things that people in other countries only dream about.
6. Having things enviable in other countries, yet they want America to be more like those other countries.
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