July 2nd, 2014

Иван Дурак

Paul Craig Roberts, "US war against Russia is already underway"

"So, if you have that type of attitude, it doesn’t matter whether you tell the truth or tell lies, because you are the ruler, you are the one, you are the Caesar. And what you say goes true or false. And so, it is not important to you that it is true, because you are not working on a diplomatic level.
And this is something that Putin and Lavrov – the Foreign Minister – don’t seem to understand. They keep thinking that they can work something out with Washington, if they had just been reasonable enough, if the Russians were just being more and more reasonable, show more and more good will. Washington has no good will."

Иван Дурак

малохольненький прынц

Его смерть - загадка. Как и его подлинная жизнь. Лишь недавно некоторые события в биографии знаменитого французского летчика и писателя Антуана де Сент-Экзюпери перестали быть тайной.
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