December 12th, 2014

Иван Дурак

Шэйкспир - Лабэ

лабай себе стехи Лабе
не думай о моей судьбе

я буду на другой женат
шелковый не плети канат

хоть ты травись иль лезь в петлю
я леди смуглую люблю

и восстаёт мой мелкий бес
на запах лишь ея телес
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Иван Дурак

в час последнего заката

коль старым стал лежишь в постеле
и изнываешь оттово
што члены все окостенели
за исключеньем одново

то бессловесную рабыню
из-под перины извлеки
и шли на двор ловить гусыню
ты слабым манием руки

и в час последнего заката
из птичьей гузки выдирай
перо как рвёт чеку гранаты
шахид летя к аллаху в рай
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Иван Дурак

Tony Robbins, "7 steps to financial freedom in retirement"

When I asked Warren Buffett — what are the secrets to your wealth
, he said it's 3 things:
1. being born in America
2. good genes, so I live long enough
3. compound interest

Compound interest — people have no idea the power that it really has

Robbins recounts a story of a UPS employee
- who never made more than $14,000 a year,
- but set aside 20% of every paycheck and
- put it into company stock.
- The man saw the value of his investments soar to more than $70 million
- by the time he was 90 years old,

says Robbins, who also wrote "Unlimited Power" & "Awaken the Giant Within".

Bonus: 6 Steps to Smarter Investments
Иван Дурак

Jefferson’s Hundreds - Forgotten Plan for Restoring a Failed Republic

You might think that the most passionately held political thoughts of Thomas Jefferson

- the author of the US Declaration of Independence, no less
- would be a noteworthy part of American history.
- But no, those have been left out of the books
- and you can be sure that salaried academic historians have seen them many times.

What People Don’t Know
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