December 19th, 2014

Иван Дурак

“Y’All Come!” Skype Opens America’s Borders. Green Cards for All !

Beginning in 2015 and escalating from then on, skilled workers from all over the world will have the digital equivalent of green cards. They will be legal to hire. They will flood into America’s middle-class job markets.
The last major barrier is coming down: the language barrier.
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Иван Дурак

American Apathy Will Lead to a Far Larger Death Toll From a Far Larger Bear

We talk a lot about how the media is a tool for the government to sell a storyline to the American people. We saw it back in the early post 9/11 era when the government was lying to the world about Iraq and we see it today.

The US media is willing to disseminate any blatant lie the government is dishing out
I want to give you a prime current example, because apparently the US government lies regarding Iraqi war:
- there were no Iraqi WMD’s,
- no warehouses of anthrax letters with our names on them,
- that led to 12 years wars,
- marked with the completely unnecessary deaths of 4,500 American soldiers,
- with another 32,000 Americans wounded,
- 1.5 million Iraqi’s dead,

have now been lost on Americans.

Ignoring these recent - entirely avoidable - atrocities are about to lead us to far greater losses, as we poke a far larger bear than Saddam.
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