February 2nd, 2015

Иван Дурак

банкстеры и СМИ: правительство США потеряло право назначать главу Всемирного Банка в 2010 году

The Media refused to tell the American public that
- the 66 year old Gentlemen’s Agreement between the US Govt & World Bank
- for the US Govt to appoint the World Bank President
- ended April 25, 2010 Collapse )
Иван Дурак

Canada: the good news for everyone in the world!

The people sued and have won their case to return Canada back to a debt free currency,
that was in place until 1974, when they switched to borrowing money from private banking interests
via bonds having to pay interest, which now spends 30% of it's GDP for interest alone.

The court has ordered the government to return to a interest free issuance of money from their treasury instead of from private banks for profit.
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