February 11th, 2015

Иван Дурак

List of destroyed libraries

Libraries have been deliberately or accidentally destroyed or badly damaged.
Sometimes a library is purposely destroyed as a form of cultural cleansing.
There are examples of accidentally destroyed libraries by human actions.
Other times they are damaged by natural disasters like earthquakes, floods or accidental fires.

Library fires have happened sporadically through the centuries: notable examples are the destruction of the Library of Alexandria and the accidental burning of the Duchess Anna Amalia Library in Weimar.
Causes vary from arson to the sun's rays setting fire to leaflets through the action of a magnifying lens in a library in Northam, Devon.
206 BC - Epang Palace (or Xianyang Palace) and State Archives in Qin China.Collapse )
Иван Дурак

Michigan Russian Cultural Center

Whether you grew up in the United States or the former Soviet Union, whether you speak Russian or not, welcome to all! Our center is a place for people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds to join in preserving Russian cultural heritage. With us you can participate in a yearly Russian Festival, celebrate New Year with Ded Moroz and Baba Yaga, appreciate performance of the Mariinsky Theater, and stay informed of other events in the community around Michigan.

Your children can receive education in the best traditions of Russian Lyceum and study creative and critical thinking, music theory, Russian history, literature, and art. With us they can celebrate birthdays, participate in a variety of local field trips, recreational activities, as well as talent competitions. We help newcomers to adapt to their new home, and introduce Russian culture to American friends.
Иван Дурак

Пиратский Кодекс или "Статьи Cоглашения"

Собственные Kодексы были написаны: Генри Морганом, Джорджем Лаутером, Бартоломео Португальским, Бартоломью Робертсом и другими капитанами

- Перед вступлением любого Кодекса в силу, каждый член команды должен был его подписать
- После этого правила помещались на всем видное место.
- Первые упоминания о Пиратском Кодексе относятся к первой половине XVII века
- До наших дней дошло несколько таких Кодексов
- Большинство из них собраны в книге Ч. Джонсона «Всеобщая история грабежей и смертоубийств, учинённых самыми знаменитыми пиратами»
--- (есть в сети - http://www.krasdin.ru/1999-3/s053.htm)

Пиратский Кодекс

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Иван Дурак

арабская зима и блеск обамской дипломатии: США лишились посольств в 3-х арабских странах

The U.S. Embassy in Yemen is the 3-rd in an Arab country that has closed since the turmoil of the Arab spring began in December 2010.
The other 2 closed embassies were:
- Damascus, Syria (closed in Feb 2012) &
- Tripoli, Libya (closed in July 2014)
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