February 15th, 2015

Иван Дурак

глобальное олюление: рекордные холода в Мичигане; малый ледниковый период 2015 - 2035

Dangerous travel weekend in Michigan: Whiteouts, record cold, and wind chills to -40°F (-40°C).
(Такого не было со времени "Боя на Кушке" - с 1885 года.
Празднуем, так сказать, юбилей.)

It's going to be a dangerous weekend to travel in Michigan, but not necessarily because of heavy snow everywhere.

Extremely cold air will be moving in starting Saturday morning, with temperatures plunging to record lows by Sunday morning.
Wind chills Sunday morning would cause frostbite in less than 15 minutes.

That's where the most widespread danger comes in - with the cold. If you have car troubles while traveling, you hopefully will be able to get to warm shelter immediately.

So if your car isn't running just right, stay home this weekend.

Now for some very unpleasant details.
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Иван Дурак

Урок истории: англо-русский кризис 1885 года при царе-миротворце Александре III

Начало 80-х годов XIX века ознаменовалось новыми угрозами Англии
- Поводом к ним стало продвижение русских войск в Средней Азии.
- Империя не могла мириться далее с набегами кочевников на Оренбургскую губернию,
- а единственным способом избежать этого было покорение Средней Азии.
- Вообще говоря, слово «покорение» не точно означает ситуацию, тут уместнее использовать слово «замирение», но,
увы, оно почти вышло из употребления и понятно не всем молодым читателям.
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Иван Дурак

царь Александр III с Аляски :)

Aleksandr Mikhailovitch Dmitrov (Russ: Александр Михаиловитч Дмитров) (2/4/1919-8/11/1994), who reigned under the regnal named Aleksandr III (Alexander III in the West), was the eighth Tsar of Alaska, reigning from 1964 until 1991. He ascended the throne upon the death of his cousin, Alexander II, in 1964, and oversaw the further reduction of the Tsar's power during his reign and expanded the office's role as that of a figurehead as opposed to having an actual role in government, often to the chagrin of the conservatives who were in power in the elected government for most of his reign. He was also Tsar during the economic boom of the late 1960's and early 1970's, as well as the successful 1976 World Cup and 1982 Olympics, both held in his country. However, his legacy was somewhat tarnished by the vast corruption uncovered in the late 1980's, and as the social movement known as the Revolution of 1991 took hold, he became the first and to date last Alaskan monarch to willingly abdicate the throne.