February 18th, 2015

Иван Дурак

US Government “Terrorist Families” Test: Don’t Flunk It

The U. S. government has produced a questionnaire
- local law enforcement officials,
- medical & religious leaders

to use in evaluating local families.

Are you, your family or your community at risk of turning to violent extremism?

That’s the premise behind a rating system devised by the National Counter-terrorism Center, according to a document marked For Official Use Only and obtained by The Intercept.
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Иван Дурак

Chris Martenson, "The US’s Suicidal Strategy on Ukraine"

There’s a saying that news is never official until it’s denied.
Well, I guess that makes it official: there’s an emerging split between the US and Europe over the matter of Russia and Ukraine.
And it’s about time.

The key issue, apparently, is that the US, true to form, is ready to send in military arms to the Ukraine regime, and Europe thinks that’s a bad idea for multiple reasons. I could not agree more.

After all, when has the US arming one side of a regional conflict led to regional peace and a good outcome for the citizens of any particular area?
If you can’t think of any recent examples, neither can I.
The track record of late is nothing short of being a complete disaster for the people of the various countries involved:
Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Nicaragua come to mind.

But the people of Ukraine have to be kicking themselves right about now:
- Not only did they fall for the rosy promises of change and hope peddled by the West,
- they also believed the West would be a better partner for them than Russia.
- Worse, instead of finding a way to have both as partners, they adopted the West’s idea that it had to be one or the other.
- And now their country is being torn apart.