January 9th, 2016

Иван Дурак

It's Official: Bitcoin Was The Top Performing Currency Of 2015

Using the benchmark of the U.S. Dollar Index, a comparison against a basket of major currencies
the dollar gained 8.3% throughout the 2015.

Despite this strength, the best performing currency in 2015 was NOT the dollar.
In fact, the top currency of 2015 is likely to be considered the furthest thing from the greenback.

Bitcoin, a digital and decentralized cryptocurrency, staged a late comeback in 2015 to overtake the dollar by a whopping 35% by the end of the year
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Иван Дурак

This iPhone Feature Led to a $2,000 Monthly Bill

The new iPhone operating system has a built-in disaster as the default setting.
If your Wi-Fi signal gets weak, the iPhone automatically shifts to the phone
carrier service. You can eat up your data limit fast.
One man got a monthly bill for $2,000. Normally, it was $250.

This is the default setting for iOS 9.1. It's called Wi-Fi Assist.
To turn it off, go to:
- settings, then cellular, then down at the bottom users can switch off the feature.

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Иван Дурак

с Путина списан смертный грех: спецназ России восстановил справедливость в Сирии

Год назад этот муслимский скот "женил" на себе христианскую 9-летку

Собаке - собачий конец