June 5th, 2016

Иван Дурак

4 Lost Decades

One of the endearing features of the ruling classes is their abiding faith in their own judgment

- Despite inexhaustible evidence that they are bumbling incompetents,
- the power elite stick to their guns — literally — and to their cushy sinecures.
- We are now 7 years into the “recovery” supposedly engineered by the Ph.D.s at the Fed.
- At a cost variously estimated between $4 trillion and $10 trillion,
- we have now achieved a growth rate that is about 50% what it was 40 years ago
- before the internet and debt-based money allegedly freed the economy from earthly tethers.
- And thanks to these custodians of the public wealth,
- 99% of the families in the USA now have less wealth than they did before the crisis of ’08 began.
- But wait... it gets worse.
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Иван Дурак

Брюсов, "яд из цесен" :)

И эти крайности! — все буйство жизни нашей,
Средневековый мир, величье страшных дней, —
Париж, ты съединил в своей священной чаше,
Готовя страшный яд из песен и идей!

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