October 31st, 2016

Иван Дурак

Образец избирательного бюллетеня

впервые в бюллетене появилась "Working Class Party" (пока Мичиган, Балтимор, Чикаго): https://www.workingclassfight.com/party/michigan-2016
Глава партии "red Hering" (нарочно придумали - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_herring).
Доставил лозунг: "The Bosses Have Two Parties, the Workers Need One" (https://www.workingclassfight.com/party/michigan-2016/the-bosses-have-two-parties-the-workers-need-one)
Америка покатилась под горку конвергенции.
Образец: http://www.bloomfieldtwp.org/Services/Clerk/SampleBallots/161108/Pct7Split1Birmingham.pdf
Иван Дурак

"Taboo Pushkin - Topics, Texts, Interpretations", edited by Alyssa Dinega Gillespie


Foreword: The Power of the Word and the Turn to Taboo (Caryl Emerson)
Introduction: Beyond Pushkin as Dogma (Alyssa Dinega Gillespie)

Part 1: Taboos in Context

Pushkin the Titular Councilor (Irina Reyfman)
Why Pushkin Did Not Become a Decembrist (Igor Nemirovsky)
Lighting The Green Lamp: Unpublished and Unknown Poems (Joe Peschio)
Pushkin and Metropolitan Philaret: Rethinking the Problem (Oleg Proskurin)

Part 2: Taboo Writings

If Only Pushkin Had Not Written This Filth: The Shade of Barkov and Philological Coverups (Igor Pilshchikov)
Bawdy and Soul: Pushkin's Poetics of Obscenity (Alyssa Dinega Gillespie)
Resexing Literature: Tsar Nikita and His Forty Daughters (J. Douglas Clayton and Natalia Vesselova)
The Poetics of Dry Transgression in Pushkin's Necro-Erotic Verse (Jonathan Brooks Platt)
The Blasphemies of The Gabrieliad (Andrew Kahn)
The Anti-Polish Poems and "I Built Myself a Monument...": Politics and Poetry (Katya Hokanson)

Part 3: Taboo Readings

Taboo and the Family Romance in The Captain's Daughter (David M. Bethea)
Through the Lens of Soviet Psychoanalysis and Utopian Dreams of the 1920s: Ivan Ermakov's Readings of Pushkin's Poetry (Alexandra Smith)
The Red Pushkin and the Writers' Union in 1937: Prescription and Taboo (Carol Any)
Krzizhanovsky's Pushkin in the 1930s: The Cleopatra Myth from Femme Fatale to Roman Farce (Caryl Emerson)
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