November 11th, 2016

Иван Дурак

расовая война: шайка ниггеров избивает одинокого белого старика в Чикаге - за голос данный Трампу

Иван Дурак

Trump as a Model for Europe

Trump as a Model

Daniela Schwarzer, director of research at the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), said Trump's bare-fisted tactics against his opponents and the media provided a model for populist European parties that have exercised comparative restraint on a continent that still remembers World War Two.
"The broken taboos, the extent of political conflict, the aggression that we've seen from Trump, this can widen the scope of what becomes thinkable in our own political culture,"
Schwarzer said.

- Perhaps it is not the "political conflict" or aggression from Trump that Daniela is worried about;
- perhaps it is the threat of a truly democratic vote in a world, in which all the benefits of crony capitalism and suppressed representation have gone exclusively to the 1%,
- something which is now openly known and resented by the rest of the increasingly angry population.
- And, as both Brexit and Trump have shown, an angry, education population is the worst possible enemy of any elitist, globalist clique.