November 16th, 2016

Иван Дурак

трампская, застольная :)

трамп-таур покину пойду воевать
штоб шахты Донбасса фротманам отдать
штоб дать шоколад чернозёмный вальцманам
и капительманам хоть трошечки дать!

а друг каломойша мне дорог вдвойне
мочить его я не дозволю в гавне
как дала платошу мочить королева
в предместье Лондона какой-то шпане
Иван Дурак

нацыст-лейбераст Сорос

An astonishing video exposes billionaire and liberal demagogue George Soros

- it's circulating on the Internet almost 20 years after it originally aired
- as the heartless and cruel man that most conservatives already believed him to be.
- For years Soros has been profiting off of the pain of others,
- most famously when he shorted the British Pound, creating chaos in the British (and world) economies.
- However, there is an even more deviant story of greed in Soros’ past,
- one that took place when he was a young man in Nazi occupied Hungary.
- In a 1998 interview with CBS’ Steve Kroft, Soros admitted that
--- he participated in the confiscation of Jewish property under the Nazi occupation
--- He also explained that he had no remorse for what he had done, and
--- that if he had not participated, somebody else would have done it anyway.
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