December 13th, 2016

Иван Дурак

Америка: экономика экономна

According to research from The Rogue Economist

- there are 1.2 million fewer people working today than there were 16 years ago.
- there are now 95 million adults in the U.S. without work
- more than 110 million get some form of means-tested (that is, help designed for poor people) benefits from the feds
- 446,000 people did NOT find jobs last month and were dropped from the unemployment rolls
- because the BLS thinks they should stop looking.
- transfer payments (aka someone else’s money) equal 40% of all wage and salary income…

The facts for investors are just as bad

- in 2008 the USA had the 3-rd of several major market collapses
- almost overnight these same suffering investors were robbed of over 10 trillion dollars
- some of that money simply disappeared
- most of it flowed to the brokers and bankers and insurance peddlers on Wall Street

Иван Дурак

22 Phrases That Only Wall Streeters Will Understand (by Linette Lopez and Max Nisen)

Wall Streeters, like any other group of people, have their own language based on what they do and see every day.
That means it's a language based on money. Wall Streeters go "long" or "short" on anything and see "upside" or "downside" everywhere.
The same word for clients is also used for girls.
Not all of Wall Street's tribes — the traders, the investment bankers, the analysts, brokers etc. — use all of these phrases. Some of them are specific to each group.
For example, if you ever hear someone say they're "junked up" on something, you can bet you're talking to a trader. That's just how they roll. Be aware.
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Иван Дурак

The CIA Coup Attempt is Unfolding before Our Eyes

The media’s hokey conspiracy about Russia influencing our election is nothing less than a CIA coup attempt.
The media is fully cooperating with a CIA coup that projects its own treason on Donald Trump. Suddenly, all the prostitutes in the Establishment’s harem are very concerned about “foreign influence” on our election. Where were these cries of alarm when the Clinton Foundation was getting tens of millions of dollars from the Saudis and other Oil Kleptocracies in the Middle East?
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