September 6th, 2017

Иван Дурак

Timing and combining your supplements

What vitamins cannot be taken together?

The good news is that most supplements are perfectly safe to take together, with little concern about harmful interactions.
The biggest potential “problem” with taking all your supplements in one fell swoop is decreased absorption.

Improving Absorption

Minerals often compete with each other for absorption. Here are some of the biggest concerns.


- Supplemental iron should be taken apart from: calcium, zinc, and vitamin E
- all 3 of which interfere with iron’s absorption
- Ideally, take your iron supplement on an empty stomach a few hours apart from other minerals
- To enhance iron absorption, take it with vitamin C.


- A lot of bone-building products contain calcium along with other minerals like magnesium.
- You may wonder should calcium and magnesium be taken together or separately.
- But magnesium and calcium compete for absorption, especially when taken in doses higher than 250 mg.
- Zinc is another mineral you should avoid using at the same time as calcium.
- If you take extra calcium to support your bones, get a supplement that does not include other nutrients
- except for vitamin D, which greatly improves calcium’s absorption into the bones.
- Fat also helps improve the absorption of calcium and vitamin D
- So, try taking calcium with a meal
- And if you drink milk, opt for full fat, not skim or low-fat.


- is extremely important for bone and heart health.
- Just be sure to take your magnesium and calcium a few hours apart


- taking high doses (50 mg or more) for long periods of time (10 weeks or longer) can affect copper absorption
- Also, as noted above, zinc should not be taken with iron or calcium either.


- Usually, you’ll find all of these minerals together in multivitamins.
- But, multis typically contain dosages up to the recommended daily allowance (RDA),
- and RDAs are notoriously low.
- Absorption issues only tend to crop up with higher dosages of minerals,
- so if you’re taking additional calcium, iron, or zinc above and beyond what’s in your multi,
- be sure to consume them several hours before or after taking your multi for optimal absorption.


- separate their take in time from ALL of your other vitamins, minerals, and herbs
- as they can bind with the fiber and end up getting excreted rather than absorbed.

Иван Дурак

Jerry Bowyer, "PAGANISM VS. LABOR"

The ‘greatest’ of the ancient pagan thinker such as Plato and Aristotle and Cicero had contempt for manual labor
- They thought it distorted the body and the mind.
- Aristotle said that there were 3 kinds of knowledge:
1. Theory,
2. Action (by which he meant leadership and persuasion) and
3. technical knowledge.Collapse )