January 27th, 2018

Иван Дурак

Black Mirror-style digital afterlife could become real much sooner than you expect

While it may be impossible to create a fully-working and self-aware digital version of yourself with current technology

- you are most likely -- and unknowingly -- creating all of the necessary ingredients for it
- simply through the use of your various digital devices.
- Unless you have very little or no access to phones, computers, and the internet,
- there's a huge chance that all of your text messages, emails, photos, and status updates could be cobbled together
- to create an approximation of your personality that might be good enough for a seemingly sentient digital avatar.

And don't think that this is something that's only possible in the realm of science fiction

- because digital memorials -- that is, digital representations of a human who lived -- already exist.
- So, experts claim, we're inching closer to getting the Black Mirror-style digital afterlife
- that seems to be a recurring theme on the show and the mark of an eerie and uncanny future.
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