May 8th, 2018

Иван Дурак

внутренние эмигранты США ("пора валить")

There’s a refugee crisis going on in the United States

- And few people know about it…
- Between 2015–16, more than a half-million of these economic migrants fled to states like Florida, Nevada, and Texas.
- They’re fleeing tyrannical governments.
- They’re searching for better job prospects and higher living standards.
- But these refugees aren’t from Mexico or Central America.

They’re wealthy expats from California and New York

- And they’re trying to escape high state income taxes.
- According to IRS migration data, from 2015–16:
- 275,000 tax filers left California for other states.
- The top 3 destinations were: Texas, Washington, and Nevada
- states with no state income tax.
- New York had 226,806 taxpayers leave
- Not surprisingly, Florida was the top destination

Иван Дурак

защита от робо-коллеров

if you really want revenge over robo-callers, try the "Jolly Roger Telephone Company"

- According to the New York Times, this program allows a customer
- to put the phone on mute and patch telemarketing calls to a robot,
- which understands speech patterns and inflections and
- works to keep the robo-caller engaged