July 4th, 2018

Иван Дурак

Teeka Tiwari - on America's 2nd Civil (financial) War

This Civil War won’t be a shooting war

- We’re not going to have a war between the North and the South on the battlefields of Fort Sumter or Gettysburg.
- It’ll be an economic Civil War…
- One in which states could exert their financial independence.
- And for the first time, we have the technology to make this possible.
- this is a huge event with implications that will affect every aspect of our lives.
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Иван Дурак


President Trump is prepared to go beyond exposing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 9/11-Saudi cover-up

- by releasing new information on how the Bushes and Clintons were also involved,
- according to high-level government sources.
- Mueller’s role in covering up Saudi Arabia’s ties to 9/11 is just the tip of the iceberg;
- Trump is set to expose even more collusion by the deep state

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Иван Дурак

очередное лопнувшее влажное хохло-мечтание

Запузырено аж в 2009 году: https://republic.com.ua/article/14524-old.html
А. Светов: какой тебе видится вот эта территория, которую сегодня занимает Россия, ровно через 10 лет?
Доменик Рикарди: С востока на запад эта, как ты выразился, "территория" выглядит так
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