July 5th, 2018

Иван Дурак

How Common Is a Misdiagnosis?

A misdiagnosis... happens more often than you probably realize. Statistics vary

1. in outpatient or clinic settings

- 5% of the time (according to 2014 study, published in BMJ Quality and Safety report)
- or about 12 million American adults being misdiagnosed each year.

2. In hospital settings, the problem looms larger

- from 10% to 20% of hospitalized patients are misdiagnosed
--- says Andrew Olson, M.D., an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School, whose research has centered on improving the diagnostic process.
--- His estimate is based on a variety of studies, including surveys of patients and physicians as well as data from autopsy studies.

Иван Дурак

10 Rules When Debating Leftists

1. Walk Toward the Fire
- you can't avoid the battle.
2. Frame the opponent's personal agenda
- by taking away the facade of their false impartiality & moral superiority.
3. Frame the debate topic
- find & state the reality of the debate.
4. Spot inconsistencies in the opponents argument.
5. Force them to answer your questions.
6. Don't get distracted with the red herring or rabbit holes.
7. If you don't know something, admit it immediately.
8. You don't have to be sucked into the paradigm.
- defend only the positions you believe in,
- not the ones that come from "our guy", that you don't really believe in.
9. Let the opponent have a meaningless victory
- agree with false terminology they pervert, but then
- make them define it
10. Body language matters
- he who gets angry first - loses.
"Bill Clinton has 3 forms of handshake; 4, if you include Lewinsky"