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Кто убил больше военнопленных: Сталин или Гитлер?

between 1941 and 1945, the Axis powers took
- about 5.7 million Soviet prisoners
- About 1 million of them were released during the war
- A little over 500,000 either escaped or were liberated by the Red Army.
- Some 930,000 more were found alive in camps after the war.
- The remaining 3.3 million prisoners
- 57.5% of the total captured died
during their captivity
In comparison, of Western Allied (British, American and Canadian) prisoners
- 8,348 died in German camps in 1939-45
- 3.5% of the 232,000 total died
Soviets captured 3.5 million Axis servicemen (excluding Japanese)
- of which more than a million or
28.5% of the total captured died
Of 2,389,560 German servicemen
- 450,600 died in captivity
- a mortality rate of 18.85%
At least 54,000 Italian POWs died in Russia,
with a mortality rate of 84.5%
Вывод - Гитлер переплюнул Сталина по проценту погибших военнопленных:
- наших 57.5%
- немцев 18.85%

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