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Obama's Superczars

Obama has now appointed more “Czars” than ever existed in the entire 300-year Romanov rule of Russia.
My count is up to 21, but there may be more flying under the radar that I’ve missed. These aren’t just people Barry wants to hang around so he can bounce ideas off of them. They have enormous power, and no accountability to anyone but The One. We didn’t vote them in, we can’t vote them out. Congress didn’t approve them. The Supreme Court didn’t rule on them. They lord over their respective fiefdoms making policy and picking favorites. Most aren’t even experts in the sectors they oversee.

The “car czar” is eliminating decades-old, profitable GM dealerships… while retaining suspiciously Obama-friendly ones. The “lucky” who get to stay must sign gag orders binding them from discussing their new deals with anyone. Secured creditors of GM and Chrysler have received the shaft, while unions and the government have scored big. The GM dealers will be working for a new chairman, Ed Whitacre, who admitted today he “knows nothing about cars.” You just can’t make this stuff up.

We’re awaiting an announcement of Kenneth Feinberg as his new “Pay Czar” - a “special master” who will oversee company compensation. He’ll start with the portions of our economy already under our dictator’s control- the banks and the autos, but Obama’s roped the SEC into the mix…paving the way for sweeping pay-control of all companies who DARE to be public. And if you think compensation will be the extent of the power-grab, I refer you to the history of the Romanovs.

We have an energy czar, a drug czar, a health care czar and a terrorism czar. A bank bailout czar? Herb Allison. Energy czar? Carol Browner. There’s a U.S. border czar, an urban czar, a regulatory czar, a stimulus accountability czar, an Iran czar, a Middle East czar, and a czar for both Afghanistan and Pakistan. We have a freaking “Great Lakes Czar”!
As Neil Cavuto points out, you reach the point of lunacy when you have a czar in charge of suckerfish.

Obama has almost as many czars as he has Cabinet posts, which means he has essentially doubled the size of his own piece of government
. Naming czars is a slick way to avoid those pesky hearings that tend to shed light on tax-cheaters. Of course, Obama himself is the “Czars’ Czar”; the ultimate controller of all power.

Some in Congress are alarmed by all of this - they don’t much like being neutered. But can they, or we, DO anything about this mess? Should we care? The first Russian czar was Ivan the Terrible. Chew THAT over for a few.

Obama is a Red-Diaper Baby - raised by Communists, surrounded and assisted by them his entire life. Don’t take these facts lightly, or we’ll all be going to camp together.
Our hope of revolution begins now, and our first major battle is next year.
Best get ready to rumble.

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