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Александр Македонский летает на Грифонах

Кафедральный Собор, Линкольн, Англия

Alexander, having conquered the world grew weary and wanted to see what was above the sky. He tethered two eagles to a basket and, enticing them upwards with roasted meat held on a spear, got them to take him above the clouds. When he realised that nothing much happened there he lowered the meat and they came down to earth safely.

Jans Jansen Enikel: Weltchronik

Heidelberg UB Cod. Pal. germ. 336, fol. 155r
about 1420

Alexander rex exploring the sky

Plate with depiction of Alexander the Great's heavenly flight.
Byzantium, end. 12th-beg. 13th c.
State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

Relief of ascension of Alexander the great

Museum of Mystras near Sparta, Greece
Byzantine relief of Peribleptos church, 2nd half of 14th century

Alexander the Great in a chariot drawn by griffins

London, Victoria & Albert Museum, ca. 1160, enamel, 10.2 cm square
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