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Harmony and Balance

“I’m a great believer in harmony, but balance is bogus. Many teachers talk about balance, and guess what? Not one of them is balanced. I know; I used to be one of them. The only people who are perfectly balanced are six feet under and it’s not your time yet.
Balance in this world cannot be achieved, so get over it. Think of a scale.
In perfect balance, nothing’s happening. There’s no dynamism, no life or vibrancy.
Now, think of a jazz band in action — the life and vibrancy are palpable, aren’t they?
The performers in this band have less to do with playing the melody as written and more to do with improvising. They give life to nuance and the music takes shape in the moment.
That’s harmony.”
-- James Arthur Ray from "Harmonic Wealth"
via http://philosophersnotes.com/titles/harmonic-wealth
Tags: психаложэство
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