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Iranian and Foreign Journalists Visited Shams Tabrizi's Tomb in Iran

KHOY, West Azarbaijan prov, Nov 12, 2008 (IRNA) -- Some 100 Iranian and foreign journalists visited the tomb of Shams Tabrizi in Khoy, West Azarbaijan province, on Wednesday.
Announcing the above, Khoy Mayor Yousef Karbalaei-Khalil stated that the Shams Tabrizi mausoleum will be constructed next year.
He said the scheme has been planned by Cultural Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism Organization and Khoy Cultural Heritage Department.

(Забавно, что мавзолей Шамса, даже содержащий его останки, давно существует в турецкой Конье:
Но, как говориццо, хорошэва человека, чем большэ, тем лучшэ. Да и название у городишки звонкое. В концэ концов, христиане могут себе позволить хранить 7 рук и 3 головы Иоанна Предтечи, а мусульмане в этом вопросе ничем не хужэ. - Х.Н. :)
Shams Tabrizi Mausoleum in Khoy
Shams-e-Tabrizi was born in Tabriz, East Azarbaijan. He is immortalized by Rumi's poetry collection Diwan-e Shams-e Tabrizi.
Shams lived with Rumi in Qonya, now in present-day Turkey, for several years.
A few years later, Shams disappeared unexpectedly. Whatever became of him was never known. It is generally believed that he was murdered by one or more of Rumi's associates, or perhaps even by his son.
The mysterious circumstances of Shams' disappearance and the alleged involvement of members of Rumi's inner circle led many to think that they were envious of their teacher's devotion to Shams.
Rumi's love for Shams, and his bereavement at his disappearance, found expression in an outpouring of lyric poems.
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