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How to deal with friendly american lawyers :)


Based on the facts, points and authorities set forth herein, I'm not convinced that this case is worth pursuing for the benefits of the family of late NN, nor I'm persuaded by your explanations, which in many parts is neither supported by the credible authority, nor legally correct. Most importantly, your representation may harm your client who is a recipients of the SSI. Thus, until I'm fully convinced that this case is worth pursuing, albeit for the sole benefit of you - the lawyers, I'm not going forward with it.


I am in receipt of your response to XX's inquiry to rescind the contracts signed by her by mistake after she was influenced by you against her family will and before you answered to her concerns in writing. I am in shock and dismay that you are reluctant to follow the instructions from both XX and her family. I strongly advise you to consult with MI Bar ethical committee on your situation. Please, do not make me to intervene in this case. However, if I do not receive your written confirmation of the withdrawal in this case within 2 days from today, I'll proceed against all the responsible parties without further notice. You can explain your position anyway you feel comfortable to the appropriate authorities. It is my position that the contracts with you, signed by the elderly person - XX are invalid for no meeting of the minds, lack of understanding of the issues on merits, lack of her understanding of English language prior to signing, her surprise, your fraud, trickery, and self-dealing, etc. Your assertion regarding attorney lien won't work in XX's case, since she is judgment proof. Besides, the XX family, including XX herself and her son, is strongly against elderly XX's being a client in a probate case, period.
I hope you reconsider your decision with regards to the same and respect your client's and her family wishes.

Very truly yours,
P.S. Please do not contact either me or any member of the XX family by phone regarding this matter, including XX, except for in writing only.
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