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John Renard, "Historical dictionary of Sufism"

With more than 3,000 entries and cross-references on the history, main figures, institutions, theory, and literary works associated with Islam's mystical tradition, Sufism, this dictionary brings together in one volume extensive historical information that helps put contemporary events into a historical context.
ESSENCE. Common translation of two terms Sufis have used to refer to the kernel of reality or the penultimate state, level, or expression of some condition.
One term, dhat, is feminine and functions for Ibn al-Arabi, as a way of referring to a feminine dimension of the divine. The other, 'ayn or "eye," is more commonly used to denote the middle of three levels of a condition, such as certitude. So for example, the "essence of certitude" is a step above "knowledge of certitude" and a step below the "truth of certitude".
Hardcover: 410 pages
Publisher: The Scarecrow Press, Inc. (June 11, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0810853426
ISBN-13: 978-0810853423
Tags: словарь, суфизм

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