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Sologak's sufi site

1. Read & Download Rumi's Divan & Masnavi online ( Farsi & English)
2. Jesus Christ in Rumi’s Poetry and Parables
3. A Homage To My Favorite Persian Poets
4. My Favorite Persian Literature Online Library
5. How to write in Farsi/Persian in XP & VISTA
6. Persian/Farsi to English Online Dictionary
7. Google's Persian Translator
8. The Online Islamic Library (Thousands of e-books to read & download)
9. The life and Work of Jalal-ud-din Rumi-By Afzal Ikbal
10. The Crisis of Identity in Rumi’s "Tale of the Reed"

11. The First Eighteen Verses of Rumi's Masnavi
12. The Ishraqi Philosophy of Jalal al-Din Rumi
13. Illumination In Islamic Mysticism
14. Rumi And The Birth of Turkish Poetry
15. Rumi's Adopted Turkish Hometown, Konya
17. Rumi, Jung and mythological messages from the body-mind
19. Rumi, Islam, and America
20. Why America Needs "Rumi"

21. Rumi and Global Peace(Professor Majid Naini)
22. 13 Metaphors from Rumi
24. Rumi’s Parable of the Three Fish
25. Sufi Thought and Practice
26. Western Encounters with Persian Sufi Literature
27. Sufism expressions in Afghanistan
28. Professor Carl W. Ernst's Selected Sufi Related Articles
29. Professor Annemarie Schimmel On Sufism
30. A Homage To Professor R.A.Nicholson

31. Hommage à Professeur Louis Massignon
32. 100 selected Rumi Poems(English)
33. Rumi's Annual 'Şeb-i Arus/Night of Wedding' Ceremony
34. Graphic Eroticism In Rumi's Poetry
35. Abusing Rumi [Scholarly Criticism of Rumi]
36. Divan-e Shams in English & Farsi
37. Rumi's Father, Bahauddin Walad's Sufi Teachings
38. Rumi's Spiritual Mentor, Al-Ghazali
39. Ibn Arabi's Profound Sufi Teachings
40. The Great Sufi of Herat, Abdullah Ansari

41. The Great Persian Sufi Poet of India, Baydel
42. The Lesser-Known Persian Sufi Poet, Abu Sayed Abul-Khair
43. Mysticism of Persian Sufi Poet, Attar
44. Martyr Sufi of Love, Hallaj
45. Bayazid Bistami, The Ecstatic Sufi
46. The Great Persian Sufi of India, Amir Khusrau
47. Rumi And Iqbal
48. Rumi and Nietzsche
49. Rumi Y Neruda
50. Borges y Rumi

51. Rumi's Contemporary Sufi Poet, Yunus Emre
52. Studies in Islamic Mysticism
53. Malang, Sufis, and Mystics
54. Sufism, Sufis & Sufi Orders
55. Introduction To Sufism
56. Key Concepts in the Practice of Sufism (Fethullah Gülen)
57. Getting to Know the Sufis
58. Islamic Mysticism-Sufism & Jewish Mysticism- Kabbalah
59. Sufi Meditation: ZEKR
60. The Neoplatonist Roots of Sufi Philosophy

61. Sufi Art: Rumi Calligraphy
62. Sufi Convent: Khaneqa
63. Mystical Self-Annihilation: Fana & Baqa
64. The Crisis of Identity in Rumi’s "Tale of the Reed"
65. Sufi Movement in Medieval India
66. The Wisdom of Sufi Humor(by Idris Shah)
67. Getting to Know the Sufis
68. Sufism in America
69. Muslims' America: American Sufis
70. Gurdjieff and Sufism (Parallels & Contrasts)

71. Rumi: No. 1 in Afghanistan and the USA
72. Why America Needs "Rumi"
73. 13 Metaphors from Rumi
74. Sufi Chant: Qawali & Flamenco
75. Jazz & Blues and Rumi's poetry, Rana Farhan
76. Trance With Middle Eastern Touch, DJ Yahel
77. Dari Language throughout the history-
78. زبان و ادبيات دری در درازنای زمانه ها
79. La Influencia De Rumi En Occidente
80. Borges y Rumi

81. Muslims Worldwide See Renaissance of Sufi Way of Spirituality During Ramadan
82. My Favorite Persian Movie, The Willow Tree
83. The Contribution Of The Ottoman Sufis To The Persian Language And Literature
84. Islam and The European Concept of Religion (Professor Carl Ernst's Outstanding Lecture)
85. Sufism and Yoga according to Muhammad Ghawth(by Professor Carl W. Ernst)
86. Sufism and Psychiatry(by Professor Arthur J. Deikman)
87. Themes of 'The Erotic' in Sufi Mysticism
88. La Influencia De Rumi En Occidente
89. Mysticism: A Study in Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness
90. Theosophy: The Path Of The Mystic

91. Mysticism in Arabic and Islamic Philosophy
92. The Sufi Theosophy
93. THE LESSONS OF RAMADAN (A Sermon by Reverend Lynn Thomas Strauss)
94. Muslims Worldwide See Renaissance of Sufi Way of Spirituality During Ramadan
95. The Rise of Persian Sufi Literature
96. Influencia De La Cultura Persa En El Pensamiento De Los Escritores Y Periodistas De Habla Hispana
97. Gurdjieff and Sufism (Parallels & Contrasts)
98. The Great American Mystic, Ralph Waldo Emerson
99. Rumi: No. 1 in Afghanistan and the USA
100. Rumi: The Radiant Ocean of Wisdom, Harmony, and Love

101. From Molana (Rumi) With Love
102. How a Thirteenth-Century Islamic Poet Conquered America
103. Mysticism transcends religious definitions
104. Rumi's Philosophy and The Bosnian Paradigm
105. The Disobedience Of Iblis[Satan] In Sufism
106. Christ and Christianity in Persian Poetry

Rumi's Original Poetry Recitations in Persian/Farsi
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Singing Rumi's Poem in Farsi
Sufi Qawwali Music At A Hindu Temple
Rumi and The Play of Poetry (Over Two Hours of Rumi Poetry Recitation by Coleman Barks)
Rumi's influence on Afghan Artists
Rumi's "Listen to the reed" by Young Afghan-American artist, Humayun Khan
Afghan Femal Artist, Ghazal's Sufi Song
Whirling Dervishes of Rumi around the World
A Musical Tribute to Rumi, Mercan Dede
Shahram Nazeri's Musical Tribute To Rumi:In The Path of Rumi

Persian Sufi Chill Out Music & Rumi Poetry
Persian Sufi Music: Shams Ensemble
Rumi & Bach, Davod Azad
Sufi Music: Shaykh Hassan Dyck & Caravan Of Love
From Sufi To Flamenco
Sufi Music, Omar Faruk Tekbilek
Islam Blues, Kudsi Erguner
Sufi Soul: The Mystic Music of Islam(5 parts documentary)
Rumi's Annual 'Şeb-i Arus/Night of Wedding' Ceremony in Konya, Turkey (Must-See Documentary)
Sufi Chill Out Music

Sufi Chant: Qawwali & Flamenco
Jazz & Qawwali Music: Brooklyn Qawwali Party
Sufi Jazz, Dhafer Youssef
Jazz & Blues and Rumi's poetry, Rana Farhan
Jazz & Blues and Persian Poetry, Mohsen Namjoo
All That Jazz but... in Persian, Minoo Javan
Rumi, Blues & Spanish Flamenco
Persian Sufi Music, Niyaz
Persian Sufi Music, Axiom of Choice
A Journey Into 'Sufi-Dub' By Celt Islam

Echoes of Sufi Chants & Jazz (Ruba Saqr)
Sufi Jazz, Hijazz Project
Jazz & Oriental Oud, Anouar Brahem
Sufi Music, Driss El Maloumi
Egyptian Sufi Jazz Group , Eftekasat
Sufi Trance Music-Thunder of the swords
Sami Yusuf's Ramadan Nasheed
Sufi Devotional Music, Qawwali
Sufi Spiritual Music: Hamdحمد- سپاس خداوند
Rumi's Poetry & Qawwali Chants in Farsi

Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali Group-(Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's Nephews)
Trance With Middle Eastern Touch, DJ Yahel
Queen of Sufi Qawwali Music, Abida Parveen
Karunesh: The Mozart of New Age Music
Samvel Yervinyan, The Most Passionate Violin Virtuoso
Mehdi Hassan Singing Amir Khusraw's Poem in Farsi

Rumi On fire
Dar al Masnavi
The Essense of Rumi
Translations from Mathnavi
Poems from Rumi
Translations from Divan-e Shams
RUMI poems by Shiva
Sufi Electronic Books

Rubais from Rumi
Selections from the Poetry of Rumi
Lyrical Poems of Rumi
Life of Rumi
Descendants of Rumi
Rumi and the Mevleviye
Rumi in Russian
Devoted to Rumi
Rumi's Masnavi
The Sufi-Rumi Connection

Rumi: Poet of Passionate Religion
Coleman Barks on Rumi
Coleman Barks's Rumi translations
Rumi: Farsi to English translations in comparison
Sema: Human Being in Universal Movement
Rumi: No 1 in Afghanistan and USA
Rumi's Shrine in Konya, Turkey
Dar-Al-Masnavi (includes a lot of useful links)
Farhangsara (includes Dr. Soroush's Audio)
Divan Shams (in Farsi & English)

Selected Poems (in English)
Selected Poems (in English)
Molana Net
Molana News
Rumi Anniversary
Molana Ideas
Molavi's Friends
Mathnawi translated by E.H. Whinfield, 1898
Essense of Rumi

Song of the Reed
Translations from Mathnavi
More Poems by Rumi
Poems from Rumi
Translations from Divan-e Shams
RUMI poems by Shiva
Translations by Khalili
Sufi Electronic Books
Rubais from Rumi
Translations of Rumi

Some Poems from Rumi
Selections from the Poetry of Rumi
Quotations from Rumi
More Quotations
Lyrical Poems of Rumi
Life of Rumi
Descendants of Rumi
Rumi and the Mevleviye
Reflections on Rumi
A Tribute to Rumi

Rumi in Polish

Scholarly Articles on Rumi:

The Life, Works and Ideas of Mevlana
Definition of “I” and “Thou” in the Mathnawi
Rumi's philosophy of Love in the era of U-turned Islam
Interpreting Rumi in the context of cross-cultural studies
The Relationship between the Mathnawi and the Qur'an
Rumi and the path
Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi: A harbinger of divine love
Rumi and the path
Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi: A harbinger of divine love

Mirror of Gonul* (Purity of Gonul)
BURSEVÎ's interpretation of the Mesnevî
The Illusion in Mathnawî


مولانا در انتر نیت
مولانا جلال الدین محمد
دفتر اول از مثنوي
دفتر دوم از مثنوي
دفتر سيم از كتاب مثنوي
دفتر چهارم هم از مثنوي
دفتر پنجم از كتاب مولانا قدس الله سره
دفتر ششم هم از مثنوي
ديوان شمس

فيه ما فيه
شمس پرنده
اندیشه ها و افکار مولانا
قونیه در باره مولانا
مولانا عارف کبیر
متن دیوان شمس
متن مثنوی معنوی
مثـنوي معـنوي قرائت توسط عبدالکریم سروش
زندگینامه ای از حضرت مولانا جلال الدین محمد
خانه مولانا

رندان بلاکش-خمر کهن
نشست ادبی دوستان مولانا
برخی از اشعار حضرت مولانا
عرفان شمس
صوفیانه ها
بشنو از نی
فلسفیدن عارفانه
دست نوشته های یک صوفی
مولانا جلال الدین محمد
اندیشه و عرفان مولانا:

در بزم سماع مولانا جلال الدين بلخي
زندگینامه مولانا
عشق در انديشه مولانا
بررسي تجلي زن در آثار مولانا
کیستی در زبان و اندیشه مولوی
مفهوم وطن نزد مولانا
مولانا و پست مدرنیسم
علت گرايش غربي‌ها به مولانا از زبان ويليام چيتيك
زبان مولانا
در برزخ انديشه و احساس

در بیان حکمت دعا از زبان مولانا


نوشتار عرفانی سمیع رفیع، شاعر، نویسنده و محقق، موسیقیدان، مولانا و بیدل شناس افغانستان عزیز ما در بزرگداشت مولانا.
در مورد سمیع رفیع باید گفت: که سیر و سلوک او، در قضای قلمرو های اقطابی چونان مولانای بلخ و ابوالمعانی بیدل میباشد، که نمای تمایلات فطری و بینش رسای وی است
سمیع رفیع: عرفان مولانا و آموزه های از مثنوی
جایگاه زن نزد مولانا جلال الدین محمد بلخی
بحثی در مورد مثنوی مولانا از دید روانشاسی و عرفان
سیری در اندیشه و عرفان مولانا جلال الدین محمد بلخی
داستان شبان و موسی
بوی بهار میرسد

معراج عشق
انجمن گسترش اندیشه و عرفان مولانا و بیدل
با مولانا
قسمت اول |قسمت دوم
قسمت چهارم |قسمت سوم

Mevlana Yalal al-din Muhammad Rumi
Rumi y el Sufismo
La percepción del ser humano en Rumi
El camino de amor de Rumi y
«ser liberado» con la ceremonia Sama
Rumi pervive a lo largo de las eras
Mevlana desde una perspectiva europea
La influencia de Rumi en Occidente
Historia de la Orden Mevlevi
El Encuentro con Rumi

La Canción del Ney
La orientación memética del Masnavi:
El arte natural de Rumi
El Sufismo de Rumi
"Fihi-Ma-Fihi"- El libro interior
Poemas de Amor de Rumi
Poemas de Salomón

El gran místico y poeta, Rumi
La Alborada del Pájaro Rûmî
Moisés y el Pastor
Una Contribución
Los Derviches del Rumi
El Museo de Mevlana
Mevlana Yalal al-din Rumi

Have You Ever Seen? A Poem By Rumi
Rumi's Eid Poem (Eid Is Here)
Rumi: A Homesick Persian Immigrant in Anatolia
Let Go Of This World!, a Poem by Rumi
Conversations with God, a Poem by Rumi
Jesus & Moses In Rumi's Poetry
Joseph and Jacob in Rumi's Poetry
Religious Tolerance In Rumi's Poetry
Mysticism of Rumi(part1)-عرفان مولانا
Mysticism of Rumi(Part2)-عرفان مولانا

Mysticism of Rumi (Part3)-عرفان مولانا
Mysticism of Rumi (Part4)-عرفان مولانا
"Boat in the Sea" Metaphors in Rumi's Poetry
"The fish in the Sea" Metaphors in Rumi's Poetry
DON'T DO IT, A Poem By Rumi
The Vows of Silence in Rumi's Poetry(part1)
-خاموشی مولانا
Give This Dervish Something, A Poem By Rumi
"Sleepless Nights" Of Rumi

Mystical Wine & Drunkenness In Rumi's Poetry
Rumi's Mystical Wine Drinking & Getting Intoxicated!
Rumi's Mystical Party At A Wine House
Mystical 'Moth & Candle' In Rumi's Poetry
Rumi Mastered By Love
Rumi on False Ego

Sufism and Rumi
International Association of Sufism
Sufi Archive
Sufism Journal
Acoustics, Health & Sufism
What is Sufism: Pir Zia Speaks
Sufi Message of Inayat Khan
Islam and Sufism
Islam from Inside
Maryam-Tasawwuf Blog**Excellent site by a Sufi sister from Spain**

Golden Sufi
Anony Sufi
Delaware Sufi
hadhiliyya Sufi Center
Living Islam
Sufi Events
Green Sufi
Mad Sufi
Musings of a Mu’min

Salikah: A Student’s Digest
Sufi Circle
Sufi House - Boston Nimatullahi Khaniqah
Sufi Journeys
Sufi News And Sufism World Report
Sufi Spot
The Sufi Way
Deciphering Spirituality
Al Musaffir

Davod Azad - Sufi Music in Farsi
Dervish Qawwal Music
Friends of Allah
Majnun on Fire
Nimatullahi Sufi Order - English
Serving the Guest - A Sufi Cookbook
Sub Saharan Sufis
Sufi Coffee Shop
Sufi Journal

Sufi Live - Naqshbandi
Sufi Order International
Sufi-Related Links on the Web
Sufism’s Many Paths - Dr. Alan Godlas
The Sufi.com
Awakening the Soul
Sufi Amanesis
Music and Sufism
hadhiliyya Sufi Center

Eastern & Western Philosophers
History of Western Philosophy
Islamic Philosophers
Islamic Philosophy Online
Islamic Philosophy
Islamic political philosophy
The Study of Islamic Philosophy
The Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Philosophy on the Internet
Major figures in Western philosophy

30 Philosophy Lessons in Farsi
Chinese Philosophy
Indian Philosophy (India)
Philosophical Quotations
Primary Source Philosophy Texts
Voltaire Society
contemporary Philosophy, Critical-Theory and Postmodern Thought
Descriptive and Formal Ontology
Epicurian Philosophy
Language Philosophy

Nineteenth Century Continental Philosophy
Philosophy of Science
Psychology of Religion Pages
The Critical Theory
Thomistic Philosophy
Digital library on the Ancient Greece
Electronic Texts in Philosophy
Philosophical Quotations
Primary Source Philosophy Texts

Readings in Modern Philosophy

Philosophy links in Farsi & English

راهنمای فلسفه در اينترنت
Philosophy Online
Analytic philosophy
فلسفه تحليلی و دين پژوهی تحليلی
A critical look at Islamic Philosophy
نگرش انتقادی بر روش تحقيق و تفکر در فلسفه اسلامی
Political Thought in ancient & modern Philosophy
تساهل سياسی در فلسفه قديم و جديد
Thomas Aquinas
وجود وماهيت در فلسفه توماس آکويناس

Philosophy of Technology
فلسفه تکنولوژی
Plato's Philosophy
فلسفه‌ی افلاطون
Marx & Engles
مارکس و انگلس
Philosophy of Art
فلسفه‌ی هنر
Aristotles' Philosophy

فلسفه‌ی ارسطو
Analytical Philosophy of religion
فلسفه‌ی تحليلی دين
European Philosophy
کتابچه‌ی فلسفه‌ی اروپايی
Shaman & Shamanism
شمن وشمنيزم
Philosophy Library
کتابخانه‌ی کوچک فلسفی
Philosophy Books

کتابهای بزرگ ادبيات و فلسفه
Islamic Philosophy
فلسفه‌ی اسلامی
Great books on Philosophy
کتابهای بزرگ
Great Philosophy Libraries
کتابهای بزرگ
Marx & Engles' writings
نوشته‌های مارکس و انگلس
Adventures in Philosophy

ماجراها در فلسفه
فلسفه‌ی وجودی اگزيستانسياليسم
نظريه‌ی شناخت
Analytical Philosophy
تحليل فلسفی
Islamic Philosphy Encyclopedia
مرکز دائرة‌المعارف بزرگ اسلامی
Post Modern Thoughts

تفکر پُست‌مدرن
Post Modernism & its critiques
پُست‌مدرنيسم و ناقدانش
David Hume's Philosophy
Edward Said
ادوارد سعيد
Kant's Political Philosophy

نگاهی به فلسفه سياسی کانت
Women Philosophers
کتابهای بزرگ زنان
Ludwig Wittgenstein
لودويک ويتگنشتاين: تحليل زبان
Analytic Philosophy
فلسفه تحليلی
Wittgenstein & Philosophy of Religion
فلسفه دين ويتگنشتاين

Philosophy, Gnosis and Politics
فلسفه، عرفان و سياست
Phenomenology of Edmund Husserl
درآمدی بر پديدارشناسی هوسرل
Women in Western political Philosophy
زن از ديدگاه فلسفه سياسی غرب
Descartes on the Emotions
دکارت و مفهوم حرکت
Wittgenstein on Language
ويتگنشتاين و زبان

Locke & Hobes
جستاری دربحران عقل تابع
Heidegger & technology
ماهيت تکنولوژی از ديدگاه هايدگر
جامعه شناسی آگاهی
تله واژه
Metaphysics-Ghosts, Spirits
تماس با روح

Philosopher & Politics
فيلسوف و اشتباه سياسی
George Edward Moore's Philosophy
بازنگری فهم عرفی

The Sufi Literature Archive
"The Study of Religion and the Study of Islam"
"Islamic Studies in the U.S."
American Academy of Religion
Middle East Studies Association
Tabsir: Insight on Islam and the Middle East
Progressive Islam
Internet Resources for the Study of Islam
Sources on Islam (Internet Medieval Sourcebook)
Middle East History (University of Chicago Library)

The Middle East North Africa Internet Resource Guide (University of Utah)
Islamic dynasties
(Islamic Arts and Architecture Organization)
Calendar converters from Muslim hijri to Gregorian dates
The Muslim Networks Consortium
Islamweb -- the Islamic Studies Internet Guide
Islam in America website
Reading suggestions on Islam
Middle East and Islamic World Filmography
Islamic Art and Architecture

Afghanistan Cultural Heritage
Persian Manuscript Catalogs at UNC and Duke
Omar ibn Said: An Exhibition of the Original
Manuscript of the Autobiography of
West African Muslim enslaved in the United States
Diversity in the ‘Christian Nation’:
Muslim Slave's Story Inspires
Commentary on Tolerance
Music of Sufism: a brief discography
Music and poetry of Islamic Spain

Novels from largely Muslim countries
Regional Islamic Cultures: South and Southeast Asia
Ritual Islam: Audiovisual resources
The Qur'an: Resources for Study
The Ellen-Fairbanks D. Bodman Collection of Middle Eastern and Islamic World Films (UNC Library Media Resource Center)
Islamic Art and Architecture
Religion dispatches
Virtually Islamic: Research and News about Islam in the Digital Age

Arabic, Persian, and Urdu books and language resources
Arabic and Persian: Scripts and Manuscripts
Architecture: Panoramic views of Ottoman architecture
Quran mp3
Quran Translation in Farsi
Quran Translation in Pashto
Quran Explorer
Quran Flash
Quran Reciter
Islamic Tube

Story of Prophet Muhammad in 10 languages
Hadith literature
Islam Way
Discover Islam
Aswat al Islam

Introduction to Judaism
Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah
Jewish Mysticism
The Kabbalah Learning Center
The Kabbalah Connection
Music of Kabbalah
The Society of Souls
The Inner Dimension
Ascent Of Safed

Kabbalah Online
True Kabbalah
Torah, Mishnah, Kabbalah
Wisdom For Living
Kabbalah Awareness
Metivta - Contemplative Judaism
New Kabbalah
Spiral Institute Of Kabbalah
Visionary Kabbalah Art

Orot - Jewish Mysticism & Spirituality

Intuition and Mysticism in Kantian Philosophy
Defining Mysticism
Mystics and Mysticism
Spirituality, Monasticism, and Mysticism
Orthodox Mysticism: Teachings of the Desert Fathers
Who's Who in the History of Mysticism
Routes of Mystical Traditions: Antiquity to St. Teresa of Avila
Internet Theology Resources: Monastic Studies
Library of Hermetic Philosophy

Mystical Experience Registry.
The Order of St. Benedict
The Metaphysical and Social Context of Meister Eckhart
The Cell of Self-Knowledge: Seven Early English Mystical Treatises
Franciscan Authors, 13th-18th century
The Metaphysics of Mysticism: A Commentary on the Mystical Philosophy of St. John of the Cross.
Hermetic Fellowship Website
Inner Explorations

Mysticism at the Dawn of the Modern Age

Tricycle: Sharon Salzberg
Tricycle: Lin Jensen
Tricycle: Stephen Batchelor
Tricycle: Jeff Wilson
Clear Mind
Zen Chick
peaceful turmoil

More Coffee, Less Dukkha
authentic personality
whiskey river
Lotus in the Mud
American Buddhist
Hardcore Zen
Ordinary Extraordinary
Notes in Samsara
One robe, one bowl

Dance of the Mind
Woodmoor Village Zendo
Bamboo Village
Buddhist Blog
Green Clouds
American Buddhist
Unknowing Mind
Quoting Buddha

The Worst Horse
Big Red Buddha
One Foot in Front of the Other
Buddhist Geeks
Zen Under the Skin
The Buddhist Channel
The Buddha Diaries
Renegade Buddha
Monk at Work

Progressive Buddhism
The Middle Way

- Divan-e Shams by Rumi (in Persian edition by the foremost Persian scholar of Rumi who's universally recognized as the greatest Rumi expert, Badiozaman Frouzanfarبدیع‌الزمان فروزانفر
- Masnavi by Rumi (in Persian edition by the foremost Persian scholar of Rumi, Badiozaman Frouzanfarبدیع‌الزمان فروزانفر
- خط سوم / The Third Script(The life, thoughts, and sayings of Shams Tabrizi)-in Persian by the extraordinary Persian scholar of Shams Tabrizi, Saheb-Zamani-ناصرالدين صاحب زمانی
- The Value of Sufi Legacy-ارزش ميراث صوفيه (in Persian by one of the most imminent Persian scholars of Rumi & Sufism, Dr. AdbolHossein Zarinkoob-عبدالحسين زرين‌کوب
- Divan-e Hafiz by Hafiz Shirazi (in Persian).
- Divan-e Baydel by Hazrat Baydel Dehlavi (in Persian)
- کشف‌المحجوب- Kashf Al-Mahjub (Unveiling the Veiled) in Persian by Ali Hujwiri (better known as Data Ganj Bakhshحضرت داتا گنج بخش).
- Tabaqat Al-Sufia(Biographical layers of the Sufi Masters)-in Persian by Abdullah Ansariخواجه عبدالله انصاری
- The Essential Rumi by Coleman Barks.
- Rumi: The Book of Love: Poems of Ecstasy and Longing by Coleman Barks.

- The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
- Learning How to Learn: Psychology and Spirituality in the Sufi Way-by Idris Shah.
- The Sufis by Idris Shah.
- Tales of the Dervishes by Idris Shah.
- Sufis, the People of the Path by Osho.
- The Perfect Master by Osho.
- The Wisdom of the Sands by Osho
- Mojud: The Man with the Inexplicable Life by Osho.
- Journey to the Heart: Discourses on the Sufi Way by Osho.
- Sufism: A Beginner's Guide by William C. Chittick.

- The Shambhala Guide to Sufism by Carl W.Ernst.
- The Triumphal Sun: A Study of the Works of Jalaludin Rumi by Annemarie Schimmel.
- The life and Work of Jalal-ud-din Rumi by Afzal Ikbal.
- Mystical Dimensions of Islam by Annemarie Schimmel.
- The Mystics of Islam by R.A.Nicholson.
- Rumi's World : The Life and Works of the Greatest Sufi Poet by Annemarie Schimmel.
- Deciphering the Signs of God: A Phenomenological Approach to Islam by Annemarie Schimmel.
- Hallaj: Mystic and Martyr by Louis Massignon.
- The Sufi Message-by Hazrat Inayat Khan.
- The Labyrinth of Solitude by Octavio Paz.

- One Hundred Years of Solitude-by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
- Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair by Pablo Neruda.
- The Labyrinth by Jorge Luis Borges.
- Andamios/ Scaffoldings-by Mario Benedetti.
- Essay on Blindness by Jose Saramago.
- Conversation in the Cathedral by Mario Vargas Llosa.
- The Crystal Frontier by Carlos Fuentes.
- Don Quixote De La Mancha by Miguel De Cervantes.
- Compañero(The life and death of Che Guevara) by Jorge Castañeda.
- Emiliano Zapata: el amor a la tierra-by Enrique Krauze.

- Solidades by Antonio Machado.
- Blood Wedding by Federico Garcia Lorca.
- Versos Sencillos by Jose Marti.
- Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Nietzsche.
- An Intelligent Person's Guide to Philosophy by Roger Scruton.
- History of Islamic Philosophy by Seyyed Hossein Nasr and Oliver Leaman.
- The Middle East by Bernard Lewis.
- Fragmentation of Afghanistan by Barnett R. Rubin.
- Afghanistan in the Past Five Centuries by MM Sediq Farhang (in Persian/Farsi).
- Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil, and the Fundamentalism in Central Asia by Ahmed Rashid.

- Tournament Of Shadows: The Great Game And The Race For Empire In Central Asia by Karl E. Meyer and Shareen Blair Brysac.
- The Kite Runner by Khaled Husseini.
- A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Husseini.

Persian Language
Persian Literature
A Brief History of Persian Literature
Omniglot-Persian: Farsi/Persian alphabet, and a guide to Farsi/Persian pronunciation
Persopedia Online library of Persian poetry
Persian Literature
Persian Poets, Poetry and Art
Easy Persian
The council of the dissemination of Persian Language Litrature

Masnavi-e Manavi
Shah-Nama Ferdowsi
The Bostan of Saadi
The Golestan of Saadi
Hafez Shirazi Farsi poems
Hafez poetical works
Hafiz On Love
Khayyam, Omar

Contemporary Farsi poetry
Classical Farsi poetry
Farsi Calligraphy
A collection of Farsi Calligraphy
Contemporary Afghan Poetry
Amir Khusraw Farsi Couplets
Sa'di Shirazi
Baba Taher Oryan
Rubayat (Quatrains) of Omar Khayam

Tribute to Ahmad Shamlu
Short Stories (in English & Farsi) - http://www.art-arena.com/shorts.htm
Avaye Azad
Parvin Etesami
Nima Yoshig (Ali Esfandiari)
Forugh Farrokhzad
Ahmad Shamlou
Simin Behbahani
Sohrab Sepehri

Mehdi Akhavan Saleh
Feraydoun Moshiri
Sadegh Hedayat
Abu Saeed, selections in Persia

گنجينه اززيباترين آثار ادبيات فارسي
شاعران کهن سرا
قله هاي نظم و نثر فارسي
هزارسال ادب پارسي
بزرگترین مجموعه شعر فارسی
فرهنگ وهنر فارسي
شعر پارسي در آن سوي مرزها
دایرةالمعارف آزاد به زبان فارسی
شوراي گسترش زبان و ادبيات فارسي
فرهنگستان زبان و ادب فارسی
ادبيات فارسي

عروضميزان شعر و اوزان بحور درادبيات پارسي دري
رها-خانه جهانی نويسندگان آزادافغانستان
گوشه يي از شعر معاصر افغانستان
فهرستي از شاعران معاصر افغانستان
خو ا جه عبد ا لله ا نصا ری
مرزا عبدالقادر بيدل
نظم و نثر فارسي
دوران نو فارسی
زبان شيرين فارسي

ادبيات وفرهنگ فارسي
فرهنگ لغات فارسی
روانشناسى اجتماعى شعر فارسى
حافظ - مولوی- سعدی- شاهنامه
حافظ - مولانا- سعدي- فردوسي - خيام
ديوان حافظ
مولانا -انگلیسی
شاهنامه وفردوسی

سنايي غزنوي
اسماعيل خويى
امير خسرو دهلوي
شعر فارسی
مجموعه اشعارنادر نادرپور
احمد شاملو

بزرگ علوی
به آوارگی نويسندگان آزاد خوش آمديد
مرگ رنگ - سهراب سپهری
شاهنامه ، غزلیات سعدی ، حافظ، رباعیات خیام
سارا شعر
سهراب سپهری
فرهنگستان زبان فارسی
تازه های ادبی
نقد ادبی

شورای گسترش زبان فارسی
مجله شعر
شاهنامه شناسی
شوراي گسترش زبان وادبيات فارسي
آوای شعر آزاد
ملك الشعرابهار

فرهنگ لغت
فرهنگ معين
گسترش زبان فارسي

Ketab Farsi(Farsi books online)
كتابخانه ديجيتال افغانستان
کتابهای رایگان فارسی
كتابخانه مجازي داستانهاي فارسي
Free Farsi E-Books
كتابخانه جديد گلشن
كتابخانه آواي آزاد
كتابخانه آريايي-افغانستان
كتابخانه خوابگرد
كتابخانه علوم رايانه
کتابخانه الکترونيکی دوات

Sufi e-books
Best free Digital Libraries - World
Other Free Book Sites/Pages in English
World - Other Languages, Regional and National
Sacred Texts & Religion
Online free ebooks
Classics & Poetry free ebooks
Project Gutenberg
Seducing the French: The Dilemma of Americanization
Wars of the Third Kind: Conflict in Underdeveloped Countries

Making Muslim Space in North America and Europe
The Calligraphic State: Textual Domination and History in a Muslim Society
Mass Mediations: New Approaches to Popular Culture
in the Middle East and Beyond
States and Women's Rights: The Making of Postcolonial
Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco
Hellenistic History and Culture
The Politics of Muslim Cultural Reform: Jadidism in Central Asia

Blogger Tips & Tricks
How to build a Blog from the scratch
Trucos para Blogger
HTML Tutorials for Dummies!
Photoshop Online Tutorials
Beginners' Guide to Java
Free Online Cyber Tech Help
How to Unzip Your Zipped files
Linux in Persian
Thousands of PC Tips in Persian

Windows Xp Tips & Tricks
Windows Xp Tools
Online XP Assistance
XP Home Networking Tutorial
XP Common Errors Repair Tips
Virus Removal Tools for Windows
XP Patches (A MUST GET)
How To Reinstall Windows XP
Create Flaming Text Online

Free 3-D Text Maker
Free Online Graphic Tools
Free Backgrounds & Graphics
Free DHTML & Javascripts
Persian Encoding Support Tool
AVG Anti-Virus(Free download)
200 PC Tips & Tricks in Persian
Send Email in Persian
English To Persian Translator
Persian-English Online Dictionary

Persian-German Online Dictionary
Persian Online Tranliterator
Persian Writing Tool(direct download)
UniPers-21st Century Alphabet for Persian
Write Persian Easily Online
نامه درى بفرستيد Dari Email
Dari Online Lessons
مکتب دری - Dari Online School *Excellent Site by Afghan Community in Sweden*

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