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William Campbell Douglass, "Do nannies create womanizers?"

If you've had some help raising your kid, a new study suggests that you might be creating a future Tiger Woods... and I don't mean a golf prodigy. But I don't buy it.

A new book makes the ludicrous claim that boys raised by nannies grow up into philandering serial cheaters. According to Dr. Dennis Friedman, having multiple women around a baby boy to meet his needs teaches him that women are there to serve... and if his needs aren't met by one, he can simply grab another.

He's a psychiatrist, so naturally Friedman's theory is based on no actual clinical research. He can't tell you how many nanny-raised boys turned out to be womanizers, or what the statistical likelihood is because he pulled this theory out of his own Freudian toilet.

And it doesn't stop at boys. I'll save you the trouble of wasting your hard-earned cash on his book (unless you need some extra paper for your own toilet) by spilling the beans on the rest of his asinine theory: Girls raised by nannies turn into druggies and hussies.

Apparently, when mom works it creates a "vacuum of need" for girls that they can only fill decades later with drugs and multiple sex partners.

This is first-degree Freudian psychobabble from a third-rate industry. The fact that "Dr." Friedman is a "Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists" should tell you everything you need to know about psychiatry -- it's a bunch of royal nonsense.

This doc says his crackpot theory means women need to stay home for a child's first year... which is of course when Freudians think most of us develop our various issues.

Look, there's nothing better than a mom who can stay home with her baby. But if you need to work -- and who doesn't in the age of ObamaCare? -- then you should do what you can to earn your paycheck and not feel bad about it.

Even if that means "another woman" is looking after your kid.

Picking nannies over ninnies,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
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