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Католические жульверны :)

Mother Shipton Prophecies (16th Century)
“A fiery dragon will cross the sky
6 times before the earth shall die.
Mankind will tremble and frightened be
for the 6 heralds in this prophecy.
For 7 days and 7 nights
man will watch this awesome sight.
The tides will rise beyond their ken.
To bite away the shores and then
the mountains will begin to roar
and earthquakes split the plain to shore.
And flooding waters rushing in,
will flood the lands with such a din
that mankind cowers in muddy fen
and snarls about his fellow men.”

“The chastisement will come when carriages go
without horses and many accidents fill the world with woe.
It will come when thoughts are flying
around the earth in the twinkling of an eye,
when long tunnels are made for horseless machines,
when men can fly in the air and ride under the sea,
when ships are wholly made of metal,
when fire and water great marvels do,
when even the poor can read books,
and when many taxes are levied for war.”

“When pictures look alive, with movement free,
When ships like fish swim beneath the sea,
When man outstripping birds can soar the sky,

Then half the world deep drenched in blood shall die.”

Blessed Rembordt
(18th Century)
“God will punish the world
when men have devised marvelous inventions
that will lead them to forget God.
They will have horseless carriages;
they will fly like birds.”

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